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{Review} 더블유 (W Two-Worlds)

Original Title: 더블유
Also Known As: W – Two Worlds/W-두 개의 세계/W – Two Worlds Apart
Director: Jeong Dae Yun
Distributor: MBC
Released: July 20, 2016
Genre: Fantasy/Drama/Romance/Action
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 10/10
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Oh Sung Moo, the father of cardiothoracic surgeon Oh Yeon Joo, mysteriously goes missing while writing the last chapter of his webtoon "W". Yeon Joo goes to his office looking, but a hand from his monitor suddenly pulls her in, and she finds herself on the rooftop of a building, next to a man bloodied. She manages to save the person, only to realize that he is Kang Cheol, the main character of her father's webtoon. Yeon Joo later discovers she can only enter and leave the webtoon depending on Kang Cheol's feelings.

현실 세계의 초짜 여의사 오연주가 우연히 인기 절정 웹툰 'W'에 빨려 들어가, 주인공 강철을 만나 로맨스가 싹트면서 다양한 사건이 일어나는 로맨틱 서스펜스 멜로 드라마
★★★★★★ Stars
Don't come for me.
As I am sure this review will have possible spoilers and will definitely contain unpopular thoughts, be wary.

I wish I could be one of those that are so head over heels in love with this drama but I honestly feel like one of the rare ones that only finished it out for Jong-Suk. I hate I didn't love this show. It makes me feel weird. Haha But, I have to show support to one of my favorite actors, right?

Don't get me wrong, it started out pretty promising. But as it went on, it was like: stop. go. stop. go. stop. go. stop. go. It went from making me curious and keeping my attention to down right just pissing me off. I feel like I know how a cat feels now when you dangle a toy in front of them and snatch it back before they can get it.

I admit I already am not a big fan of time jumping things and I feel like this was kinda similar since they are bouncing between 2 worlds they give me headaches. But I had seen so many people talking about how amazing this show was and when people found out it was on my TBW list for soooo long, they tend to stay on me for it to be the next show I watch. Lol (I can't say anything, I do the same. Haha) but sadly this show just wasn't for me.

All of the actors were really amazing, I just feel like the storyline was a mess. Which is probably how it was meant to be but I just can't stand a messy storyline that seems like it has no idea where it wants to go so the writer makes a ton of unnecessary things happen instead of taking a break and figuring out where they want it to go. Lol

While the ending was cute, I felt like I was losing my damn mind so I couldn't enjoy it. Honestly. I haven't enjoyed a episode since maybe episode 8 or 9. Even though I felt zero connections through the whole thing. over 16 hours of screen-time and you'd think I'd feel even a slight connection to the characters. But sadly, nope. and if I had to pick a favorite character, it would probably be Do-Yoon. Weird right? Don't ask. He is the only character I could tolerate.

But also because I felt nothing; that means the parts that should have ripped my heart out either left me annoyed or "here we go again". It sucks feeling that way. There was even a part where he was dying and asking her to come get him and she was more worried as to why he didn't pick up his phone sooner... Are you kidding me? What should he say "I'm sorry I was busy getting shot and dying." Just stupid stuff like that though the show just made me want to put a fist through my screen.

Please don't come for me, I know there are a lot of people that love this show and I know how fans can get when someone talks bad about what you love. Lol This is just how I feel and I know not everyone will agree with me.

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