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{Review} 기묘한 가족 (The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale)

Original Title: 기묘한 가족
Also Known As: Strange Family/The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale
Director: Lee Min-Jae
Distributor: Megabox Plus M
Released: February 14, 2019
Genre: Comedy/Thriller/Horror/Romance
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 10/10
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Man-Deok (Park In-Hwan) runs a gas station in a peaceful country village. He has three adult children: Joon-Gul (Jung Jae-Young), Min-Gul (Kim Nam-Gil) and Hae-Gul (Lee Soo-Kyung). Man-Deok only thinks about spending the rest of his life in Hawaii. Oldest child, Joon-Gul, is married to Nam-Joo (Uhm Ji-Won). He loves his family, but he doesn't express his feelings to his family. Min-Gul is the middle child in the family. He is the only to have graduated from a university in his family. He gets fired from his company and comes back to his hometown. Hae-Gul is the youngest child in the family. One day, a strange man (Jung Ga-Ram) appears in the country village. Due to him, Man-Deok’s family and the entire village is shaken.

조용하고 평화로운 시골에 '기묘한 가족'이 살고 있었어요. 그리고 그 앞에 금쪽 같은 좀비가 나타났답니다. 망해버린 주유소의 트러블메이커 가장 '만덕'은 우연히 만난 좀비를 집안에 들인다. 여타 좀비와 달리 반반한 외모, 말귀 알아듣는 ‘쫑비’를 보며 저마다의 속셈으로 패밀리 비즈니스를 꿈꾸는 가족. 리더인 맏며느리 '남주'를 중심으로 행동대장 장남 '준걸'과 브레인 차남 '민걸' 에너지 담당 막내 '해걸'에 물리면 죽기는커녕 더 젊어지는 좀비 '쫑비'까지! 이들의 기막힌 비즈니스는 조용했던 동네를 별안간 혈기 왕성한 마을로 만들어버리는데... 이거 혹시… 우리 때문이야?
★★★★★★★★★★ Stars
This movie literally put me through EXTREME mood changes! I wish I could say that I loved everything about this, but I can't mostly because I'm still a bit bitter.

But can we just take a moment to be shocked that it took me so long to watch a zombie movie? Me? Putting off a zombie movie. Even I can't justify that. I'M MAD THAT I DID! This movie was AMAZING!!! Even the parts I hated! lol though given, without those parts, there wouldn't be much "OOMPH!" to the storyline.

During the first 15 minutes, I was really shocked things were going so fast and really thought "wow, this movie is short. It's about to end soon I'm sure?" only to look and see the movie is dang near two hours long, it left me mind-boggled like "how the hell are they going to fill up the rest? 
Only for that midmark to hit and everyone start acting stupid with Jjong Bi. I can't tell you HOW FREAKING PISSED OFF THESE PARTS MADE ME!!! Like I get it, he's a zombie. But I guess because I have seen Warm Bodies (that's what this movie reminded me of) that I was a bit soft for Jjong Bi. Let's face it, he wasn't exactly "normal zombie" so you knew something had to be up.

But I'm glad that once everything chilled out - moods changed. So this movie really did have me Laughing, pissed off, curious, sad, happy --- in that order. Lol

I was not expecting that ending at all and I'm very thankful for that ending. Especially with the incorporated humor. If anyone has this sitting in there watch list. I say you should watch this movie as soon as possible. It's worth it!

I feel like fans of Warm Bodies will REALLY love this movie as well.

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