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{Review} サイレン (Forbidden Siren)

Original Title: サイレン
Also Known As: Forbidden Siren
Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Distributor: Toho Company Ltd.
Released: Feburary 11, 2006
Genre: Horror
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 10/10
Add To: N/A
In 1976, on the island of Yamijina, all the island inhabitants disappeared with the wailing sound of a sire. A sole survivor was later discovered, but his mind had now gone insane. 29 years later, novelist Shinichi Amamoto (Leo Morimoto) goes to the island with his daughter Yuki (Yui Ichikawa) and his son Hideo (Jun Nishiyama). They stay at a home deep in the forest. A neighbor advises Yuki to avoid walking alone at night and if the siren of a tower goes off ... don't go outside.

~~Forbidden Siren (サイレン,also known as Sairen) is a movie adaptation of the videogame series Siren. It was released in Japan on February 9, 2006 to coincide with the Japanese release of the sequel game, Forbidden Siren 2, on which the movie is loosely based.
★★★★★★★★★★ Stars

“When you hear the siren, never go out”.
Oh man the nostalgia is STRONG!! I remember wanting to play the game this movie was based off of soooo long ago. Sadly I never got to play it very long because at the time it was back on playstation and back then, a invisible scratch on your game could make the whole thing not work --such as mine.
So, while I have no idea how similar the movie is to the game, it gave me the creeps just as much as the game did.
I watched this movie many many years ago and I guess because I was a kid, was always confused when I watched it. Lol don't judge, I was a kid and dumb I guess. Hahah But I always loved it anyway. Gotta give props where props is due, it's gotta be a dang good movie to not make sense but still freak me out. (mind you, this was when I was a kid)

Now that I'm older and finally had the chance to watch this again (thankfully because someone reminded me of it!) I knew I HAD to watch it asap. It did not disappoint. Now everything makes sense and is still just as creepy. Lol

Though just as I remembered, it was so freaking dark. X_X That was the main thing I wasn't much of a fan of. Lol At some parts it was like I could hardly tell what was going on. But, you kinda just put the pieces together and hope for the best. Though thankfully later in the movie, the flashbacks are lighter so you can see what happened --which I am so thankful for. Lol

*possible spoiler alert, read with caution*
I will never not question the siren though. Why was the siren a thing and why those kinds of creatures? I know it attempts to explain but I still don't fully understand I guess? Like I know why it is happening but I just don't get why *THOSE*. Would it have ever happened if no one had said anything? Ah so many questions. Maybe I am just overthinking it.

Don't let this sway you though. This movie is really good and I forgot Yui Ichikawa played in this! (insert sobbing) I loved her ever since I saw her in NANA 2. Haha. 

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