Tuesday, January 26, 2021

{Review} Mercy Black

Original Title: Mercy Black
Director: Owen Egerton
Distributor: Blumhouse Productions / Meridian Entertainment Group
Released: March 12, 2020
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Language: English
Country: USA
My Rating: 6/10
Add To: Netflix
Fifteen years after stabbing a classmate to conjure a phantom known as Mercy Black, a woman is released from psychiatric care and sent to live with her sister and young nephew. Now, she'll need to confront her past to save her nephew's future.
★★★★★★ Stars
Literally... What in the fuck was this? What the FUCK was that? I had such such SUUUCH high hopes for this movie! I mean even with the shitty "entity". Y'all... Just.... Why? Why? Just WHY? 

Okay I get it, I'm guessing they needed Slender Man without the Slender Man part? Lol Guessing they could never get the rights and came up with this monstrosity? Here is the crazy thing though, this movie was FUCKING AMAZING!!! I know what you're thinking -- How can it be if you rated it so low? 
To that, I say you are right. Mostly because of Mercy Black herself and the ending. I just... I have no words. I hate open endings and that was the most shitty open ending I think I may have ever witnessed. As for Mercy Black... *beats face against keyboard* I DON'T UNDERSTAND!! I just don't fucking understand. You have this bad ass movie with so much suspense that everything is making you jump. Such a bad ass movie that you are so invested that you are just WAITING for that ultimate scare.. Only for the mood to be instantly shit on when you see "Mercy Black". I want my time back. I demand that hour and something minutes of my life BACK!!
How can you kill a great movie? I really want to know? How can you have such a killer storyline and just ruin it like that? I mean even the plot twist made me gasp and be like "NO FUCKING WAY!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!" Only for the mood to be quickly shit on. 

I'm not kidding about the storyline or acting either. Both were so amazing and I really hope if this movie is ever redone to give it the justice it deserves, I want every single one of these actors to play in it. I can't see anyone else playing the parts. Lol Though I do wonder how they played in this movie and made the characters so believable when they had to work with..... *that* thing. Lol. The screams were so real. The fear was so real and I'm just .... I'm mad okay. Lol I was let down and it's a no wonder why so many people rated this movie 1 star.
So even with all of that though I do feel like the storyline and acting alone deserve 6 stars.

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