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{Review} デスノート (Death Note)

Original Title: デスノート
Also Known As: Death Note
Director: Shusuke Kaneko
Distributor: Warner Bros. Japan
Released: June 17, 2006
Genre: Live action/Supernatural/Action/Horror/Fantasy
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 10/10
Add To: N/A
Weary Shinigami the Death dropped a notebook in the human world where a weary genius picked it up. “The human whose name is written in this note shall die” it said… It was the notebook of death that determined people’s death. Light Yagami, an extremely bright elite university student was the one to possess this ultimate tool that should remain only in the hands of God. Light decides to create an ideal world and begins to hold the scales to judge the criminals in his discretion. Meanwhile, ICPO (International Criminal Police Organization) has placed a mysterious detective called“L” in Japanese police force to investigate a series of the criminal cases. “L” in the status of a divinity for his capacity and skill in gathering information and in reasoning had solved unresolved cases in the world, and now tightens the investigative screws over these cases, but Light also cleverly manipulating the notebook of death, tosses and shakes the investigation. The future of mankind is at the mercy of crucial and fierce battles of the two brains.

~~Death Note is a live-action film adaptation of the manga created by writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata.
★★★★★★★★★★ Stars
I don't think I'll ever not give this 10 stars. No matter the amount of times I have watched this, I think it will continue to be a favorite of mine. How can it not though? As someone who grew up watching the anime it was always mind-blowing seeing my favorite characters actually come to life on screen.
I know a lot of people always complain about anime/manga to live action, haters always have something to say. But shoot, you try forcing YEARS of story into a 1-2 hour movie and see how you do. Lol The year this came out, it wasn't popular worldwide. The term "weeb" wasn't even widely known yet even though it started a year before. Back then you were still just a "freak" for liking anything different. So tell me how they could get proper funding for a extreme movie like this? Don't hate what you don't understand lol. Anyway, I digress.

I'm so glad they got all the actors they did to play the parts. I don't think anyone else could have portrayed the characters so well. I loved all of the acting and how everything was so on point. Other than NANA, Death Note is another live action movie that always leaves me like "holy crap, they ARE the characters!" then I start questioning my sanity because then I wonder if the characters were based off the people. Hahah. I know I know, they aren't but it's trippy.

I'll never say no to Death Note and I'll never say this is a bad live action. Am I curious if a remake will ever be done (again) and wondering if it will be "better". Times isa changing! Lol I would rush to watch it, that's for sure. Or maybe I'm just biased. Lol
I freaking love Ryuk and L, I'll die loving them the most. Lol I feel like everyone loves L but I don't think any of us could tell you why. Lol As for Ryuk, come on man... It's the apples. Lol It's always the apples. 

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