Wednesday, December 19, 2018

{Meme} WWW Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I have so much to do... But guess what I'm doing!!! ....... Ignoring it all. Yay! Lol Not really, but whatever. I was going to read but then I stumbled upon this meme HERE and thought... Eh, Why not?! Looks fun. So lets do this, yo!

The Three Ws are:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Current read is: A Pack of Blood and Lies by Olivia Wildenstein. So far, I think she might have possibly sold her soul (I hope not, though) because all of her books are so damn amazing! I'm 72% done and am fighting everything I have within me to not pick it up and finish it today. But... I'm weak. I'm going to read it. I'm going to finish it. because that is what I do with her books, okay! It's not something I CHOOSE. My body betrays me and is like "Look, this is what's gonna happen because if it doesn't I'm going to drive you insane." and then.... The elephants start talking and the fairies dangle the book in front of me. Okay, I'm 100% kidding but really, her books are ... mind blowing. I have read her Lost Clan series and pretty much inhaled them. Doing the same with this new series. Lemme tell ya. when it comes to wolves in books, I'm not a big fan. I think the only books I have ever liked revolving around wolves is the Grey Wolves series by Quinn Loftis. But it looks like I'm going to be adding The Boulder Wolves (A Pack of Blood and Lies) to this list. There is no way I'm going to call it done after I finish this book. I'm going to need book two right away.... but I have to wait forever for it. I KNOW HOW THIS GOES!!! With that being said, I will leave it at that. If you get a chance to read this book, read it. I know I'm not done with it but I know it'll be a book I try to shove at everyone. Lol

Last Read: Dream Keeper by Amber R. Duell (My full review can be found HERE because I know a lot of you missed it - It got buried under a lot of blitz, so please check it out!) What can I say about this book that I haven't already? Ummm Nothing. It ate my soul. I've been a shell since I finished it. Only waking enough to check if book two is out yet. Then I slip back into a slumber so I can see all my loves again..... Kidding. But it really did change my life. How could it not? It was such a amazing read and reminded me so much of Sandman and Pitch from Rise of the Guardians! It's a must read! Everyone needs to read this book as well! But if it consumes your soul as well... Don't blame me! I fairly warned you how amazing the book is!

My next read will probably be Roam by C.H. Armstrong. But I am also torn and might read Shadow Girl by Liana Liu or A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo. I don't know what I will choose! Don't pressure me! You know if you do I freeze up like a deer! I can't help iiiiittttt!!! Though I really am just glad to be out of my reading slump. It feels amazing to just read endlessly. I'm scared another slump is coming so I am trying to read as much as possible. For all I know, I might try to read The Dating Game again but I'm not to sure on that. I still keep seeing snobby rich kids and a cut throat start that makes you cringe and put it down after 2 pages. WHO KNOWSSS!

Everyone! Anyone who sees this should do it. ^_^
Leave your link so I and others can check it out! 

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