Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nasty Leftovers by Guy L. Pace


Reality is back on track, but the world is devastated with only a remnant of humanity left. On a mission to restore Washington, D.C., Paul Shannon and Amy Grossman must face a sinister presence left behind by Satan.
In the ensuing battle, physical and spiritual warfare is waged against the possessed, hellhounds, and even the evil presence itself.
In this fast-paced sequel to Sudden Mission, can Paul, Amy, and their army of faithful triumph against such impossible odds?

My Thoughts
★★★★★ Stars
I received this book in return for an honest review.
You know, it's really hard for authors to top their previous work, it really is. It is also very rare when it does happen. Guy L. Pace is one of those rare authors.
This book was fabulous.
Book one ended and honestly it ended in such a way that that could have been it, though luckily it wasn't!
Nasty Leftovers picks up where Sudden Mission left off, which I truly love. And though we had to wait (feels like) so long, you can still feel everything from the first book.... yes, even the heartache.
I honestly didn't think the monsters could be topped. I mean I really thought Mr. Pace pulled out all the stops with the first book, so I have to admit, I didn't hold much hope for book two... Until I read it and then oh holy goodness almighty! Between the Hell Hounds and the Imps, there was no sleeping for me they freaked me out so bad.
I also really loved the story line in this one as well, though I think everyone will get something different from it, what I got and loved was that no matter how far gone you are even when you think there is absolutely no hope, ...there is. As long as you accept God and really want forgiveness, He is ALWAYS there and He ALWAYS has His arms open for you.
The action in this book was so awesome and the ending was phenomenal! I loved seeing the characters continue to grow and I also really enjoy that with the new book, the still remembered old characters who are no longer around.
I really recommend these books!

....Can we have book three now!? Plllllease. Lol
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