Sunday, December 29, 2019

{Review} Tormino's by Yuuki Haneda


Title: Tormino's
Series: Tormino's Book 1
Author: Yuuki Haneda
Pages: 135
Published: November 22nd 2019
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Genre: Young Adult
My Rating: 3/5
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Miles Sonatas’ parents approved for him to get a part-time job during his final years of high school, but he soon learns the family restaurant he works at is anything but normal. He is immediately welcomed by his co-workers, and oddly enough, finds himself accepting of their quirks. Such as the lazy manager, Cyrus who calls everyone by their last name and sits in his closet of an office all day. Or the chefs, Shasta, who is very protective of his kitchen, and Sierra, who has a song stuck in her head. Then there are the other servers, Anita, who is searching for her soulmate, Oliver, a struggling artist who lives in the restaurant attic, and the ever clumsy waitress, Ramona.
When Miles catches Ramona on the first day, everyone believes love in the air. Despite this new habit, Miles and Ramona insist there is nothing between them. Or is there?
A slice of life novella featuring a cast of colorful characters and the hilarity and romance that ensues.

Friday, December 27, 2019

{Review} The Witch of Gray's Point by J.P. Barnett


Title: The Witch of Gray's Point: A Creature Feature Horror Suspense
Series: Lorestalker Book 3
Author: J.P. Barnett
Pages: 233
Published: December 2nd 2019
Publisher: Evolved Publishing LLC
Genre: Adult/Supernatural/Thriller
My rating: 5/5
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It hides in the shadows, waits in the desert, ready to pounce on any who enter its domain.

To Miriam Brooks, a solo study trip to an abandoned desert ranch house sounds like the perfect respite from the world, a way to unwind and center herself after a string of unbelievable encounters with terrifying monsters.
Yet the desert isn't devoid of life. Something lurks outside her window, changing its form to suit its mysterious needs. She's familiar with the stories, but legend becomes reality when she stands face-to-face with a soulless copy of herself.
Another day, another monster… but before she can act, Miriam is unexpectedly flanked by the father she's been trying to avoid, along with two cocky assistants who don't understand the threat they face. She's equipped to battle the shape-shifting terror hiding in the darkness, but being forced to finally confront her father might just kill her.

{Review} 사랑의 불시착 (Crash Landing on You)

Title: Crash Landing on You
Original Title: 사랑의 불시착
Director: Lee Jung-Hyo
Writer: Park Ji-Eun
Network: tvN
Episodes: 10/16
Released: December 14, 2019
Genre: Kdrama/Heartfelt/Comedy
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rateing:10/10
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Yoon Se Ri is an heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea. One day, while paragliding, an accident caused leads Yoon Se Ri to make an emergency landing in North Korea. There, she meets Ri Jung Hyuk, who is a North Korean army officer.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Goodreads: Your Year In Books Meme 2019

Mkay, so ... haha ... hi? It's been a while. Yes, I know. But the lovely wonderfun Esther (I missed you!) tagged me to do the Your In Books meme But if you know me.. my blog has cobwebs on it and there is a cricket chirping somewhere. BUT! Fear not... I did read! .... a little.... here and there. Behold! the mini-ist (is that a word?) Year in books! *points down* it'll be somewhere down there.... Keep reading, maybe?

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