Tuesday, June 25, 2019

{Review} The Kraken of Cape Madre by J.P. Barnett


Title: The Kraken of Cape Madre: A Creature Feature Horror Suspense
Series: Lorestalker Book 2
Author: J.P. Barnett
Pages: 239
Published: June 3rd 2019
Publisher: Evolved Publishing LLC
Genre: Adult/Supernatural/Thriller
My Rating: 5/5
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Spring break will never be the same after a legendary creature rises from the depths.
It’s been almost two years, but the nightmares still haunt Miriam Brooks—grisly images of her brother being slaughtered. A relaxing Spring Break at the beach seems like a good way to put some distance between her and the troubling past, but paradise shatters when she saves a tourist from something lurking beneath the waves.
Soon, she’s on the trail of a sea creature from the legends of Vikings and Pirates. The fishermen of Cape Madre tell tales for the right price, and Miriam quickly learns of a string of disappearances all related to this mysterious monster.
The cops and the coast guard are meant to handle the crimes of men, but Miriam’s been trained to find the creatures of lore—creatures like this. Pulled back into the life she wants to forget, Miriam is the last line of defense between man and myth.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

{Review} Comeback by Lyn Ashwood


Title: Comeback: A K-pop Novel
Author: Lyn Ashwood & Rachel Rose
Pages: 262
Published: June 8th 2019
Publisher: Ashwood & Rose
Genre: YA/Romance/Kpop
My Rating: 5/5
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Emery Jung is living his dream. Known by his stage name M, he is loved by millions of fans around the world as a member of the rising K-pop group NEON, but all fame comes with a cost, especially when one slip up can have viral consequences.
Alana Kim is trying to forget. After a tragic loss sends her spiraling, she escapes to her family in Korea, abandoning her love of music along the way. However, her plans are derailed when she literally runs into M, the famous K-pop idol.
When their paths collide, Emery and Alana must work together to prevent a scandal from ruining NEON’s success, sparking a journey of friendship, love, and healing. Unfortunately, fame and love aren’t easily compatible, especially in the world of K-pop. 

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