Thursday, December 6, 2018

{Movie Review} Mother Krampus

If you know me, you would know I'm a little bit obsessed with Krampus. Not sure why. It's just one of those odd things, but I must say, all the movies have been crap except the 2016(?) version. Y'all know the one... The ONLY non B-movie Krampus. So when I saw Mother Krampus, I knew I had to watch it because I just saw all this potential in my head. oh... ha. haha..... hahahhahahaha. yeah. no.

The urban legend of Frau Perchta tells of the Christmas Witch, who takes a child each night of the 12 days of Christmas. As children go missing during Christmastime, a witch looks to avenge her unjust death.

My Thoughts
I regret this. So much time of my life I will never get back. I'll admit, the story line was so awesome. But the acting was beyond terrible. Could they do a better remake? Yup. Would I watch it? Probably. Lol Whole the acting was bad, I'm not kidding about the story line. Just not sure why they call it Mother Krampus. Sure, she died on Christmas Eve. Sure, she came back on Christmas Eve. But that wouldn't make it "Krampus". She was a witch. That's bout it. But then the story line gets confusing about the other lady. I mean yeah, you find out the truth but you are also left going "What the hell does this even mean?" It was kinda half assed. Like they had the story but got bored and careless near the end. So... Would I recommend this? Ummm.... Maybe? I mean if you like horror movies and don't mind B-movies, have at it. But if you are a fan of horror and not B-movies, yeahhhh don't do it. And I want to say if you are a Krampus fan, it's not worth it. There is nothing Krampus about it. I mean wouldn't that make Jeepers Creepers a Krampus since he only comes back a certain time? Um, no. So yeah that doesn't make her anything to Krampus. Sorrrrry (not really).

So with that, I give this 2 stars. I want to see this story line again but with better actors and better explaining. Lol


  1. Sorry it was so disappointing, my grandma was telling me how much she liked the Krampus movie- but she thought the only movie was the 2015 one.

    1. Yeah the 2015 was the best. Share her from the B-movie ones! Lol
      Tbh I didn't realize there were 5 Krampus movies. Well, minus this one, 4. Because it has nothing to do with Krampus imo. Lol

    2. That's so weird Lol, but at least the cover looks rather scary.

    3. You ain't lying. Though if Krampus shows up this year, he may go after the casting director of this movie. lolol jkjk


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