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{Review} 이번 생은 처음이라 (Because This Is My First Life)

Original Title: 이번 생은 처음이라
Also Known As: Because This Is My First Life
Director: Park Joon-hwa
Distributor: tvN
Released: October 9, 2017
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 10/10
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To save money, two housemates get married but soon face unexpected complications, such as demanding in-laws and having to face their own growing bond.

가부장적 집안의 장녀로 태어나 아버지의 반대에도 불구하고 우수한 성적으로 S대를 졸업했으나 작가지망생이자 보조작가로 살아가는 윤지호 앱 개발 회사의 웹디자이너로 좌뇌는 집 대출금, 우뇌는 고양이 생각으로 꽉찬 집 있는 남자 남세희 서로의 성별을 오해한 채 하우스메이트로 만나 인생의 짝꿍이 되어가는 이야기 결혼에 대한 요즘 세태를 잘 반영한 이야기라고 생각했는데 의외로 표절 논란이 있었던 드라마 일본드라마 '도망치는 건 부끄럽지만 도움이 된다'와 기본 설정이 거의 유사하다던데.. 괜찮은 작품이라 생각했는데 안타까운 일이다. 다행인 건..표절 논란은 완결을 본 이후에 알게 되서 볼 때는 편한 마음으로 볼 수 있었다는 것? 꿈을 먹고 사는 건 끝이 안 보이는 터널을 걸어가는 길 그걸 알고 있지만 그 길을 걷고 싶은 지호 하지만 현실과 사람의 벽에 부딪쳐 포기하고 싶고 마침 그럴 때 나타난 남자 남세희
★★★★★★★★★★ Stars
Have you ever randomly clicked on a show just to have something playing in the background as you do something else? This was one of those shows for me, only when I clicked it, I fully intended to just let it play as I went about my work buuuuut... from the moment it started - there was no cutting it off. Even my family stopped what they were doing to start watching this show.
My ONLY warning to you if you see this show and want to watch it, clear your schedule because you are about to miss a lot of sleep to finish this show. 

I ended up loving every single one of the characters.... and I do mean Every. Single. One. Those from the start that you just hate with a passion and want to hit with a car.... loved. Lol. Hats off to the writer of this show because it is really hard to take a hated character and make them loved. Least for me it is. Because when I hate someone, there is no changing it. Lol. It goes to show that the growth of all of the characters are powerful. 

The twists man. Oh gosh!! This is the PERFECT example of the quote "that's what you get for assuming." *hides in shame* I was so ready to hate so many of these characters only to have it shoved in my face that what I *thought* was actually HELLA FREAKING WRONG!!! 

Because This Is My First Life is one of those shows that you need to watch every single scene though because you'll be lost for a while if you don't. Not that I minded; it was like crack. Lol When I finally did need sleep - I had to actually force myself to shut it off. Which... did last long, mind you. Like I said, it's crack. Hahaha

I want to say this is probably the first drama I have watched where I haven't completely ripped into something or someone. X_X Though don't get me wrong, there was one character I love/hated. He was such a amazing person in the end but he reminded me of someone that makes my skin crawl. So it was always mixed feelings with him. 

"Sounds like a personal problem to me." Lol - it is, bro. It is. 

So do yourself a favor, check the show out. You know you wanna.

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