Sunday, September 6, 2020

{Review} 华鬼 (Battle of Demons)

Original Title: 華鬼×神無編
Also Known As: Flower Demon/ Battle of Demons/ Hanaoni
Director: Kohtaro Terauchi
Distributor: N/A
Released: Nov 21, 2009
Genre: Horror/Drama/Supernatural
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 9/10
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On her 16th birthday, Asagiri Kanna, a shy and bullied girl, is brought to a new school and told she's destined to marry the king of demons, Kaki Kitou. Neither of them is happy with this.

★★★★★★★★★ Stars
I want to start this off with, if I misspelled anything, please don't come for my kneecaps. I'm telling you now, I don't know much Japanese and pulled the info from the movie page. Lol Also: don't come for my kneecaps, I also know I should watch the anime. 

 I don't know what it was that pulled me into watching this movie - because if I'm honest, the cover and information isn't very eye catching. But still, I guess there was something there, just not sure what. When I first started this movie, I wanted to cut it off. It made me so SO SO SO sick to my stomach, it was disgusting. But thankfully the worst part was over... I laugh as I say this because surely being taken and forced into a school with demons and being forced to marry a demon would be the worst... but compared to that start... you know what... It's all bad. Lol but good. I know I know... lol I promise I haven't lost my marbles. Hang in there. 

I freaking hated Kaki. With a passion. Araki Hirofumi is a very beautiful man but I'm worried now I will only ever see him as asshole Kaki. It was to the point I wish I could jump through the TV and hit him with a iron skillet. 
In that same breath I can say I didn't like Kanna either. The girl has ZERO fight in her. I would think you'd have SOME kind of reaction to fight your way out. But nope... she just keeps her head down and rolls with it. hgeiruhgeriuhr BRO! ARE YOU FOR REAL!?

It's crazy, they are both the main characters and I hate them both. Wanna know why I kept watching? I'll tell ya! IT WAS THE FREAKING FLOWER BOYS!!! Oh yes, I call them flower boys lol. Don't @ me! Reigi, Minaha, and Mitsuaki. The freaking guardians, bro. At this point I'm still like, can we just do away with Kaki and keep those three? They made the movie for me. 

Don't come for me but wow the action in this movie was terrible but... BUUUUUTTTTTTT you end up being so into the movie you have the same reaction to if you were actually there and really seeing someone's face get kicked in. 

You can tell this is a older movie the second you start watching it but lemme tell you it was so well done that you are so engrossed in it that you don't want to look away and honestly it's killing me to be there typing all of this when I could be on my happy way to watch the second movie. Best bet there will be a review for that one too.... I can only hope they didn't replace any of the actors. I hate when that happens X_X

I'm still excited so I know this review is a bit of a mess, but long story short... WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

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