Friday, May 29, 2020

{Review} 하녀 (The Housemaid)

Synopsis | 줄거리
Original Title: 하녀
Also Known As: The Housemaid
Director: Im Sang-soo
Released: January 21, 2011
Genre: Drama/Adult/Thriller
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 8/10
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Eun-yi (Do-yeon Jeon), a poor Korean woman, takes a job as a domestic servant in the lavish home of Hoon Goh (Jung-jae Lee), a handsome businessman whose wife Hae-ra (Seo Woo) is pregnant. Under the tutelage of her new boss, longtime employee and familial confidant Byung-sik (Yuh-Jung Youn), Eun-yi quickly learns the ways of the house -- and that Hoon's word is law. But when Eun-yi allows Hoon to seduce her, the benefits of her new position become dwarfed by the consequences of her actions.

《하녀》는 임상수 감독의 스릴러 영화이다. 이 영화는 김기영 감독이 1960년에 발표한 영화 《하녀》를 리메이크한 것으로, 2010년 칸 영화제 공식 경쟁 부문에 초청되었다.
Review | 리뷰
This movie was definitely....interesting. When I came across it I thought it sounded promising with the talk of drama and thriller... It didn't prepare me for the awkward massive sex scene. Had I know about it, I probably would have skipped watching it with family. You can imagine my embarrassment.

Other than that the start of the movie does start out really dark and by dark I mean gosh damn what was the point of that? People are hella heartless. The storyline itself was very fast paced and left little room for breathing. 

For a movie that was over a hour long I feel like it was over in the blink of an eye. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. And while I can't stand a trashy ass homewrecker and a cheater, I don't think she deserved what happened to her. Dude that was seriously cold blooded. Which leads me to say, that ending... That's how you get stuff like the grudge. Thanks but no thanks. 

Man I hate how there was no justice. If you really think about it... Which is oddly respectable too though because it's more true to real life. Not everyone gets a happy ending. Not everyone gets justice. 

I realize this review is really terrible. Even as I write it, I'm like "wow this sucks". but y'all... It's been a hour and that ending still has me SHOOK! like... What the actual fuck. It was so dark and I'm still questioning, if that was her at the end... then who was the girl at the start of the movie? If they weren't the same, why was the first girl even shown? I have to many questions!

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