Wednesday, May 6, 2020

{Review} 속닥속닥 (The Whispering)

Original Title: 속닥속닥
Also Known As: The Whispering
Director: Choi Sang-Hun
Distributor: N/A
Released: July 13, 2018
Genre: Horror/Supernatural/Paranormal
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 9/10
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After the death of her best friend, Yeo Eun-Ha (So Ju-Yeon) has been haunted by nightmares. Because of this, she gets a low score on her college entrance exam and becomes even more stressed out. Yeo Eun-Ha and five of her classmates decided to take a road trip out to the beach, including popular student Kang Min-Woo (Kim Min-Kyu). Joo Dong-Il (Kim Tae Min) takes his mother's van for their trip, even though he hates driving. The students soon become lost and take a wrong turn on a mountain road. They come upon an abandoned amusement park. After looking around the park and then getting kicked out by a mysterious old woman, Woo-Sung (Kim Young) gets everybody to go back and enter the haunted house. He wants to livestream themselves on social media. While walking through the haunted house, the students begin to hear whisperings.
My Thoughts
★★★★★★★★★  Stars
I really didn't want to take a star away from this movie. It was really great! But I swear I was almost meant to not see this move. I have been trying to watch this movie for 4 days now and EVERY SINGLE TIME I started to watch it, something came up and I had to stop. Even in the middle of the night - something would come up and I would have to stop watching and take care of whatever was going on. But today - today I let nothing stop me. But it also wasn't exactly smooth sailing. -_- there were a lot of pause-watch-pause-watch moments, so I WILL be rewatching this very soon! Especially since I feel like I might have missed some things.

When I first heard about this movie and watched a preview, I was hooked. I have this odd obsession with 용마랜드 (Yongma Land), which I am guessing this movie is kinda based around? Not the story itself but the creepy "haunted" amusement park setting. But I mean... can we blame them? Look;

I can't wait to see this in person.

Anyway on with the movie! I loved all the characters and I love how none of them were the same. It was literally a group of so many misfits that you would never guess would ever be friends. From the jock, most popular girl, the shy girl, the nerd, the guy everyone wants, the hyper kid. I loved seeing all of them together and being friends. It really wasn't expected and the charisma between them all was believable. It went against the typical nerds VS popular. I had no issues with any of the characters. Plus, you know it's a good movie when you even start liking the annoying preppy girl. Lol.

The only issues I had problems with - if you can even call it a "issue" if that.. I'm not sure who the surprise girl was and when she talked about the portal closing, it kinda threw me off and it didn't really explain what that meant. I mean given - when shes says it, of course you know but I was just kinda left with "how do you know and why is it closing *now*? ya know? I don't know. Hollywood logic I guess? Lol I look way to much into things like this.

While I didn't jump as much with this movie as I did some of the others, I still loved it and would recommend it to those looking for a scare. How can you not be? Some of the stuff that happens in this just made me want to "Kool-Aid Man" out my wall sometimes. haha

Can I talk about the ending for a second though? I didn't see that coming. From the start of the movie, I just KNEW I had it pegged. I just knew it was going to end like any other horror movie. Because they tend to end one of two ways... This one was like "lol bish, you THOUGHT!" So I give it hella props for making me go O_O at the end. Lol

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