Tuesday, April 14, 2020

{Review} 견원지간 로맨스 (Monkey and Dog Romance)

Original Title: 견원지간 로맨스
Also Known As: Monkey and Dog Romance
Director: N/A
Network:  KTH(?)
Released: April 6, 2020
Episodes: 10
Genre: Drama/Romance/Heartfelt/Webtoon
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 5/10
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Sung Woo, the successful animal communicator, especially has a lot of female clients. He doesn't stop any women who try to hit on him, but he actually has a girlfriend. Joo Mi is a devoted girlfriend who works as a vet and lives with him. Leo is Sung Woo's business partner and the genius monkey, and he has been going out with Joo Mi's companion dog, Juliet, for a long time as well. Their peaceful days last until the 2,000th-day anniversary when Sung Woo's reckless behavior ruins everything. Leo and Juliet happen to be at the verge of a breakup because of their owners, and the two start trying to bring them back together.

My Thoughts
★★★★★  Stars
Not to be dramatic or anything, BUT WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ENDING?!?! This show literally didn't have a ending.... Is that even possible? My mind is blown. What kind of ending was that!? I really had high hopes for this show. It looked so cute and started off so promising. Then about halfway through so much was just falling off that I was like "....what the hell is going on? What the ... WHAT?!" It kinda turned into a mess. Which makes me wish I could find the webtoon this was made from, in hopes that maybe it would shine some light on what I probably missed? Because lets face it, any book to show/movie adaption - A TON gets left out, buuuut I can't find the webtoon? Which is also why I didn't link it. (If anyone knows the webtoon/link, please let me know so I can add it here?)

Other than that, the characters and acting was super cute. Even if things were a little scattered, they did great with what they had. Lol I really hope there will be a season two or some kind of answers though because that ending is what took 5 stars away lol like for real.... How do you not have a ending? Literally didn't know that was possible. X_X It left me screaming at the screen. Hahah I couldn't help it. I really expected more. *spaz moment* I'm sad now. Lol

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