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{Review} The Mimic (장산범)

Original Title: 장산범
Also Known As: The Mimic
Director: 허정
Distributor: Next Entertainment World
Released: August 17, 2017
Genre: Horror/Thriller/Mystery
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 8/10
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It’s been five years since Hee Yeon’s (Yum Jung Ah) toddler son, Jun Seo, disappeared but the heartache hasn’t lessened in the least. Keeping the rest of her family together, while she herself seems to fall apart a little more every day, hasn’t been easy, but Hee Yeon has done the best she could. Now forced to face even more heartache, as she watches her aging mother lose her battle with dementia, Hee Yeon decides it’s time to make a drastic change.

Moving her family to the countryside where her mother grew up, Hee Yeon hopes that settling into a nice house on the edge of a serene wood, will help ease both her mother’s mind and her own aching heart. Hopeful that this new life will bring with it a much needed breath of calm, Hee Yeon happily embraces this chance to start over. But her hope is replaced by all the old feelings of hopelessness and guilt on the day Hee Yeon discovers a little girl lost in the forest near their home. Unable to resist the urge to help the child, Hee Yeon takes her in, hearing the voice of her lost son anytime the girl speaks. But whatever glimmer of redemption Hee Yeon finds in the girl is short-lived as inexplicable things begin happening to the family shortly after she moves in.

It isn’t long before Hee Yeon begins to wonder if she hasn’t made some terrible mistake, bringing this girl home; especially not after she finds herself wondering if this little girl is even human at all.

Inspired by the legend of Jangsan Tiger, “The Mimic” is a 2017 horror-thriller film directed by Heo Jung.

My Thoughts
★★★★★★★★  Stars
Do not trust what you hear.
Not to be dramatic but I'm still sitting here looking at the screen like: O_O
I mean... how can I not be? I wanted to give this movie 10 stars so freaking bad!! It hurts to not give it 10 stars but I just have so many unanswered questions! And I want to rate it less than 8 stars because of that, but in complete honesty, I can't. This movie, even though it left me with tons of questions, was so so sooooo good!! If you have been a follower of mine for a while, you know I have a weak spot for anything horror. If it's horror and I get my hands on it, you know I have to see it. So when this bad boy popped up on my VIKI, you know I had to jump on it (though at this time VIKI still has it as "coming soon") that being said, I hunted down other places to watch it (and I included them in the description for those who want to watch it as well!)
This was a movie I just couldn't wait to see. I don't know if it was the cover or the description but I needed to watch it ASAP... who knows... maybe the Mimic was in my ear telling me to watch it. Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Can I talk about the acting for a minute? I haven't seen these actors before (to my knowledge) but I'll tell you, all the actors will stick with me. Even the ones who had tiny parts made a huge impact. When it comes to small parts I tend to forget someone fairly easy because they just don't deliver that "OOF!!" acting. But whoever cast these actors needs a raise... As so do the actors. Lol, They alone need 10 stars each.

As for the storyline, wow.... I couldn't look away for a second. I was hooked the moment it started playing and it captivating to say the least. Though I won't lie, I was really hoping it would explain more into the reason behind the happenings or tell a bit more of the lore. It gave us a bit of needed information but I feel like a lot of people won't understand unless they know the lore of Jangsan Tiger. And who doesn't know it? Me. Who is going to search it out? Right-o! .. Me again. Mainly because the gosh damn captivity it has over me! It feels kinda weird how drawn I feel to this... But YOLO! Haha okay that's beside the point, but still.

Watching this movie has cleared up a few things for me, I will never get over my fear of mirrors and I would probably follow a child into hell even if people are screaming at me to stop... Damn those maternal instincts.

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