Tuesday, June 19, 2018

{Mini-Talk} Summer Reading Goals

I always make plans to follow and it's like the second I make them, I can't do them to save my life. Lol
But I'm going to try to keep this one. Key word: Try. No pressure.

First off, I really am going to try to finish IT by Stephen King. I don't know how people can devour his books so quickly. After a page or two my eyes start to hurt. I will admit, he has AMAZING story ideas but his writing is... terrible. (That is just my honest opinion, not trying to piss off fans. Lol) I've always had questions about Pennywise so the fact I'm able to finally read this book and find out some stuff will really be awesome.... Unless it offers no information and just grotesque scenes. Then I will be pissed. Lol

Then again, I'm sure I will binge watch both movies 0934710 more times this year. So I call that even. Lol

As for everything else, which I know I am still 100% behind on, I'm working on it. Lol I know I haven't posted on Instagram in the longest time, I've just had a ton going on lately and it started to feel like a job rather than something I *enjoyed*. Hopefully over the summer that'll change. I miss posting and my awesome followers. Same with Facebook and Twitter... kinda. Lol I post a bot more on Twitter now, so that is a plus.

I'm thinking about closing my request reviews for a bit. Mainly because lately 9/10 authors can't be bothered to read my terms. They email me demanding me to read their book with the book already attached. Gosh forbid I not answer back in 2 seconds either they email again.
Don't get me wrong, I love reading. I love helping authors grow. Love doing what I do. But the fact they haven't took the time to even read if their books fit the criteria. Also attaching the book demanding a blogger to read it, just isn't cool. Like you want me to take the time to read and review your book but you can't take two seconds out of your day to read my terms? Okay. Nice knowing ya. Lol
Guess it's that time of year. Lol Always seems to happen around this time of year. Haha
Would it be to much if I start blacklisting those people?
I mean, at what point do you hit before you finally hit that "No more" button.

Anywho, Other than that, I do plan on finishing OITNB next month! Can't wait for it!
Missing Red so much! Lol

Also might do a few rereads so I can write proper reviews. Like Darker and Freed (Fifty Shades) also City Of Bones. I finished them so long ago but never got around to writing the reviews. Terrible I know. But least I'm gonna try to make up for that and reread them so I can review them. Lol

If you know any books (or shows) you think I should read, let me know in the comments! 


  1. Ohh! Some interesting reviews coming up. I can't wait to see them! I hope you manage to get to your summer goals. I've read a few Stephen King long back and I didn't have an issue with his writing but I remember wondering how the heck someone could imagine such stories! Ha ha.

    Hope June is good for you!

    1. I often wonder how people manage to set certain books to read on their goals. I feel like when I do that, they are all suddenly books I don't feel like reading at the time. Haha!

      You ain't lying! I've gotten 200+ pages in (not far, I know but I'm proud of the dent I've made. Lol) to It - now and I'm wondering how King isn't driven insane by his own thoughts. Only a madman would be this dark, right? Lol (kidding)

      Happy June to you as well! ^_^

  2. Honestly, I've never been all that inclined to read any Stephen King books. At first it was because I'm not that into Horror, but even now when I love the genre, it's hard for me to even try to get into it. IDK, maybe it's just me.

    I receive a lot of review requests for book genres I don't even read, so the frustration of people consistently disregarding your terms is completely understandable lol

    I'M ALSO LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR RE-REVIEW FOR CITY OF BONES. That was one of my favorite books before it blew up and became a crap movie and a decent tv show

    1. Me either honestly but I grew up watching It and was always curious of what exactly Pennywise is and how it came to be, I guess. Lol

      I don't mind requests, really. It just annoys (okay, not annoy - it actually pisses me off) when they email me demanding me to read their book, they don't even ask, they just go straight to "read my book. Here it is." bit. I dunno. That's just me I guess. Lol If that makes any sense.

      I watched the movie waaaaaay before I read the book. (don't kill me. Lol) I like the movie. lmbo mainly because of Jace, I think. Hahah. I enjoyed the book as well though. I just need to reread it and get my thoughts back together.


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