Wednesday, June 6, 2018

{Whatever Wednesday} Zombie Life

Okay maybe not zombie life exactly... But it feels like it. Lol

I know. I haven't been around much. Seems like I say that a lot these days. I apologize. I noticed I have lost quiet a few followers, heartbroken to see them go but so thankful for those of you who stayed (looking at you Esther; thank you for continue to include me in awards and what-nots. I am forever grateful)

Now if you are really that curious as to where I have been, I have been nowhere. Sadly. But I have had so much happening in life that it was all just *imitates dramatic explosion and horrible crashing* fun, right?!
No, not really. I know I have left the blog in such a mess. I am going to work on fixing all of this soon as possible! I can't wait to get back into all of this! I feel like I have missed so much. Don't know why I say "feel" goodness knows I *HAVE* missed a lot. I am going to attempt to play catch up SOON! So if you find me spamming the hell out of your blog with comments (even if they are months old) ....just bare with me. Lol.

So... I have a few questions for all you lovely folks out there still reading this eyesore;
●Do you like the blog format as it is? (I know it still needs minor position tweeks-going to work on that)
●Do you like the reviews being open and up front, or would you rather be able to just click the review you want to read to open in a new page?

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