Friday, June 8, 2018

{Review} Orange is the New Black

I'm starting this new thing where I review shows and movies if I feel strongly enough about them. This is going to be a test run I suppose. Lets see how it goes. ;)
Show: Orange is the New Black
Current Seasons: 5
About: Piper Chapman is a public relations executive with a career and a fiance when her past suddenly catches up to her. In her mid-30s she is sentenced to spend time in a minimum-security women's prison in Connecticut for her association with a drug runner 10 years earlier. This Netflix original series is based on the book of the same title. Forced to trade power suits for prison orange, Chapman makes her way through the corrections system and adjusts to life behind bars, making friends with the many eccentric, unusual and unexpected people she meets.

My Thoughts:
I know I'm hoping on this bandwagon super late. Better late than never right? I admit I tried to watch this when it first came out and I couldn't. For some reason the first episode sent me into a really bad panic attack that I ended up hugging the toilet if you get my drift. So after that, I just never tried. Didn't want to. Even though I kept hearing how amazing it is. You couldn't have paid me to watch it. But recently some things have happened that has pretty much broke my brain and I ended up watching this... Don't ask how I got there or how I clicked on it. It just happened. One second I'm looking at a comedy to watch but somehow I ended up on it. And the fact I was able to get through episode one was a miracle. From there, I was hooked. I binged watched the hell out of this.
OITNB really did live up to the hype! I admit on season 4 it got really dull and season 5... Oh my gah. Season 4 was the calm before the storm! Every season had me testing myself on who was good and who wasn't.... and who was completely full of crap. Lol. This is the kind of show you really can't judge the characters because you will rarely get it right. Lol. I have so many favorite characters too. From Red to Nicky to Burset (I wish we got to see more of her) to Rosa to  ... you know what, my list is longer than I thought it was. Haha but those 4 are my tops. Alex is just hot but uber two faced at first imo.

I must say the most intense drastic change of character would have to be Tiffany. I'm not a fan of her at all but holy crap. She went from nut case psycho to pretty chill.... kinda. I would say she was almost "normal" if she didn't fall for a rapist. *gags*

Which reminds me... can we talk about Bennett for a second? No? Okay then. We all know he's a dick-hole.

AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT SEASON 5 ENDING?!?!?!?!? *banshee screaming* FML!!!!!

If you have seen this show, what was your favorite season?
Who is your favorite character?
What blew your mind?

We need season 6 already, okay!?
Safe to say I give Orange is the New Black a infinity of 5 stars!
★★★★★ Stars


  1. I've tried watching this multiple times but just cannot get into it. Makes me feel like I am missing out on something.

    Kimberly - Up A Nelms Tree

    1. Oh dang that sucks. How far did you get before stopping?

  2. I stopped somewhere in season 2 or 3 I think... Couldn't bother anymore I guess?...
    Makes me reconsider after reading your review :)

    1. I was tempted to stop there too, honestly. It just got so slow and boring but once it picked up. Oh gah. Lol I think season 5 made up for all that. If season 6 tops season 5, I will be in complete shock. I don't think they'll be able to do it. Lol but I hope they do. I'm so ready for next month! I need to know what happens!

    2. Ha! I really do hope it meets your expectations :)

    3. I hope so. I'm actually nervous for it. The only thing I have seen them say about it is that there will be no more Litch. That's gonna trip me out. Lol


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