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Simply Jane by Randal Licato


Title: Simply Jane
Author: Randal Licato
Pages: 134
Published: 2017
Genre: Young Adult/Faith
My Rating: 5/5
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Jane lives on the brink of her imagination, where all her sorrows and joy collide in a secluded, mountainous place called, The Life Center.
Escaping her life would be an easy dream to have, if the Shadow Man would just let her go.

My Thoughts
★★★★★ Stars
I received this book in return for a honest review.

"I've been there too, but no matter what you feel or not, don't listen to the lies, for in that room, the truth is skewed to keep you lost. We all break at times, but that brokenness doesn't have to define you. We all get confused or lose hope, but even during those times, your heart is still worth being here."

Simply, Jane is such a inspirational, powerful and memorizing read.

This review is not easy to write because there are just to many things to say that I feel like my brain may backfire trying to put it all into words.

This book was so powerful! I was crying from chapter one to the very end. Not because it's sad but because it was like Randal Licato cracked open my head and made his way into my soul and found all the dark places that my fake smiles hide to show me that God is here. He is helping me even if I don't see him...

Simply Jane was wonderfully written and from the start will keep you swimming through the pages, to where you don't want to lift your eyes even for a second.

I know I keep using the words "powerful" "memorizing" and "wonderful" a lot but that is because it really is.

I wish everyone in the world would take the time to read this book. Men and women. Everyone is Jane. Read this book and I'll bet you will relate to Jane. Our stories may be different but that dark place is all the same in all of us.

This book will open a lot of eyes and hearts.

Personal Note
Personally, I cried because I'm in that dark space. I can't tell you how many times I've cried wishing God would appear and talk to me like in the books I've read.

I know people say God is always with you, read the Bible, He'll talk to you. But the Bible is hard to read for a lot of people. And we are 100% human. We might read it a million times and think "okay, God wants me to do this" but because we are human, we make mistakes. And we always have that self doubt voice talking 24/7. It'd be kinda nice if God had some one on one chats with us. Lol

I cried because this book shows hope. It shows I won't be in this dark place forever as long as I keep going. It shows I'm not alone and that battle going on within me isn't me just going crazy. It's real. And exhausting.

The part in chapter one when she's laying there and God says "Dear, lovely Jane, your heart is worthy to be known. [...]" had me squalling. It hit home. Like maybe God DOES care. That the lies the whispers I hear are just that.... Lies.

On page 89....had me sobbing with the realization that yeah, we take our hits but God takes more hits than we do. He protects us.

Page 90" I don't want to end my life; I just want to escape. " is the story if my life. Through and through.

This book is powerful. Extremely powerful.

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