Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kingdom of Embers (Kingdom Journals #1) by Tricia Copeland

Title: Kingdom of Embers
Series: Kingdom Journals #1
Author: Tricia Copeland
Pages: 316
Published: February 2nd 2017
Publisher: True Bird Publishing LLC
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal/Witches/Vampires
My Rating: 4/5
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As a creature forbidden by both vampire and witch cultures, Alena traverses the country with her mother in search of an unknown entity. When Alena finds Hunter everything changes. Their bond may be the key to answers Alena seeks. As she investigates the connection, an equally handsome, but mysterious suitor appears. Will the truth be uncovered before it is too late? Or will her Mother’s kingdom be reduced to embers?

My Thoughts
★★★★ Stars
I received this book in return for a honest review.

Tricia Copeland is a lull master. Not in a bad way either but in a sense if calm and then literally you blink and all hell has broke loose. Lol

I loved this book. More than I thought I would to be honest because Alena was good. But almost too good. You know the kind,the ones we all roll our eyes at and just "ugh". Lol
But there is more than meets the eye with Alena...and you really don't want to mess with her. If you do, it's your funeral.

Kingdom of Embers starts off kinda slow, that's where that peaceful lull comes in. But it's not boring. Its a perfect balance that keeps you wondering what danger lurks just around the corner.

The only thing I wasn't fond of were the jumps between a lot of chapters. I felt like those were rushed and it left me wanting more from it. Want to know what happened to those days or so in between.

Other than that, this book was so awesome. 

I loved all the character and of course my favorite character would *cough*die*cough* 
*sits in my corner sobbing*

But really though that ending blew me away. I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!

But can we talk about the mom for a moment? Why is so she ominous? There is a story there and I want to know it. And just WHO is Alena's dad?

Ugh I have so many questions!

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