Friday, July 14, 2017

The Dementor Side of a Blogging Book Reviewer

Okay, maybe not so much dementor but definitely a bit dark.

I want to slow down and talk real for y'all a bit. And I want to apologize ahead of time for typos, I'm going on lack of sleep and endless cups of coffee.

 But that's a reviewer's life isn't it?
Promote book, read, promote, read, review, promote, somehow squeeze in time to use the bathroom - then get back on the grind and also somehow manage to promote your own blog while eating with your eyeballs glued to the screen.

Because it's our passion right? What we live for?

But when does it become to much?
-Is it when other reviewers attack us because we had a different thought on it than they did?

-Is it when authors get angry about a honest, but one star, review and attack us as well?

-Is it the days we go without sleep because we promised a review by a certain date?

-Or when we book endless tours and reviews with barely a thank you?

-Or maybe.... Just maybe it's when we swallow our pride and ask for help and the only help we get is one Facebook post with our blog link on it with a simple "check out this blog"

-Or it could be something a author said. A author you looked up too and trusted. Maybe they said something that made you question why you bother to keep doing this to yourself.

People know the stress authors go through.
The: Will people like this? Will a publisher publish me? Will I be a famous author? Is my writing even worth it?

We all know this.

But in the shadows. Behind that curtain located in Oz... Are the reviewers. The people who push and push and give and give.
Those same people who have spent so much time, money, soul, heart-everything... To help a book get somewhere....all while those authors are screaming "Pay no attention to those behind the curtain! I am the great and powerful author!"

If you think about it... Bloggers are self builders.

This is the end of my random thought of the day, I suppose.

What is everyone else's thoughts on this? Anything you want to add? I would really love to hear thoughts on this.

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  1. I can only tell you that I agree on what you've written.
    Sometimes I struggle a bit with a book and try to find the good aspects of it. Then I write my review, let the author know, and don't even hear ANYTHING back. Those moments are a bit hard for me..

    But on the other side I've also got to know very nice fellow Bloggers and awesome authors with whom I have still contact today!

    Anyway. I liked this post :) Nice to read someone else's thoughts on this for once. And now I need to squeeze in a quick bathroom stop.

  2. *cracks whip* bathroom break is over! Lol jkjk

    Agreed, there are so great bloggers and authors. It's just a bit sad when authors get so popular, they forget about the people that helped them. I mean it's really really amazing to see them grow and blossom and you can't help but be happy for them.
    But after time you're like "hey it's me! How ya been?" and you get a reply like "good, who are you again?" or something. Lol

    I think I could have went hours on this topic but I was half asleep lol. Seems when I'm half asleep my brain is like "let's stay awake and talk about math: x-i%a(yn)+yz and why aliens don't have noses and why the grass isn't pink" deep possibly crazy stuff that makes you question your sanity. Lol

  3. Lots to think about in this post. I guess because my blog is small, I have never had anyone come after me. I blog for fun and to interact with other readers, and I would say -- so far, so good.

  4. Hi! Evelina from Twitter :) I think I promised to visit :)
    Good post! I do agree to what you're saying. But this is only the dark side :) when you're overworked and tired, things do seem like that. But there are bright days as well :) when you talk with your book buddies, when you do group chats, when you receive that ARC! For me those moments are so unbelievable. Or when a favorite writer says "Their loss" about someone denying an ARC request to you? All those things make blogging so good :)
    Anyway, not sure if this is my right Google profile, but you can find me as @avalinahsbooks on Twitter :)

    1. Agreed. I really should also write a post about the good side. It really does make it all... I want to say "better" for lack of a better word lol. But it does make it better because after so much bad, there's always, ALWAYS a break in the storm.

      The day I wrote this was a bad day for me tbh and it seemed to be going on forever and seemed like around this time authors were attacking reviewers, bloggers were attacking each other. It was a mess. Lol

      I still stand by this though. Because it really does happen. And it's harsh. But it helps to know you aren't alone.


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