Saturday, July 1, 2017

{Random} Books in movies

Why aren't books in movies a thing?

So I'm sitting here having a Scream marathon *creepy voice* what's your favorite scary movie?

Anyway and I could help wondering... Why are books so rare in movies? I mean other than Harry Potter and Scooby-Doo. We all know Velma and Hermione keep their noses in a Book.

But scream for example talks about movies....kinda, Randy does get a little over excited in the movie rental place where he works. Lol (speaking of movie rentals, wow. Feels like forever ago. "Please be kind. Rewind." and of course, people rarely ever did. *rolls eyes*)

The Faculty did have a few books being g read by the one and only outcast but really I can't say it promoted reading. More like "snort this to make sure you're not an alien" hahaha

Shutter centered around photography...kinda. Man I only saw that movie once and it still haunts me. Sheesh. Who DOES that to someone. Smh.

Pulse scared the ever living crap out of me. I kid you not. I didn't touch my computer or phone for months. I never did get to see the second one, was it any good? Anyway! lol still no book readers!

We all know Gilmore Girls, Rory, reads constantly. Why can't there be loads of movies promoting reading?

I'm pretty sure you're looking at my post like "why did you even post this?"

Answer: I have no freaking idea. This movie just made me very nostalgic and I've realized every movie has its SOMETHING. Especially horror movies

(extra: by the way college students, horror movies can help you pass psychology class. I kid you not. I passed with flying colors because I was raised on horror. Haha!! )

Anyone know any movies that have books? The Craft doesn't count! Lol..... Or does it? O.o *dundunduuuuunnnnn*

Oh! Carrie is one! The original. Not the new one. I couldn't stand it (Sissy was the greatest!). That's just me though. Any one know any others? Let us fellow bookworms know!

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