Monday, July 6, 2020

{Review} Love

Synopsis | 줄거리
Original Title: Love
Director: Gaspar Noé
Released: May 20, 2015
Genre: Adult/Erotica
Language: English
Country: Europe
My Rating: 0/10
Add To: *Not supplying for fear of minors, sorry*

A man in an unsatisfying marriage recalls the details of an intense past relationship with an ex-girlfriend when he gets word that she may be missing.
Love is a 2015 erotic drama art film written and directed by Gaspar Noé. The film marked Noé's fourth directorial venture after a gap of five years. It had its premiere at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and was released in 3D. The film is notable for its unsimulated sex scenes.
Review | 리뷰
0 Stars
If anything we all know this movie because of TikTok's "first 10 seconds" challenge. Which I'm sure minors have seen but I'm still not supplying the link on where to find it because - Ew, no. Not doing it. Call me dululu but I pray kids never see this. 

Ya know I really thought this movie would actually turn into something. Because it screamed "underrated" at me... and I was trying to not be to judgmental. But I have come to realize that if a movie starts out like that, it's a promise that the whole movie will be complete and total trash. I mean that with all seriousness as well. 

Let's just call this as it is shall we. Porn. Free porn. Because the storyline they tried to FORCE with this and squeeze in between the porn moments was a gosh damn nightmare. Y'all whoever made this movie was completely on drugs. I dare someone to say it has a deep meaning or is eccentric. Like no hunny. I think beating your face in with a frying pan would make more sense than this mess. I'll give the actors this, if they were ever approached by a porn company, they would do great. Because their actual acting is about as natural as chewing glass and gasoline. 

Y'all I just can't with this. Like... Of all the movies they could have put... OF ALL THE MOVIES.. why did they put this one? What is the point of this movie? Lol I'm pretty sure the 10 second challenge is literally because that's all people could handle with this movie. This is not the kind of movie you rewatch. Not the kind you tell friends about. Not the kind that is a guilty pleasure. It's one of those that make you want to bleach your eyeballs and brain in hopes that you will never have to see it again. 

I am legit ASHAMED that is will be in my watch history (even if I remove it, I'll still be in watch in my brain, Don't @ me) But legit, I'm ashamed. But why did I keep watching, you ask? I didn't lol. I actually was fixing my computer while this was playing. So other than the occasional glace up, it pretty much played out because I CBF to get up to change it (again don't @ me. I regret it but had other stuff on my mind)  

Look, lets just get down to the gritty truth shall we. This movie is a complete pile of flaming dog shit. There was nothing powerful about it. There was no "deep meaning". Nothing. It would probably do better on PH. 

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