Monday, July 2, 2018

{Review} Little Mama by Halim


Title: Little Mama
Author: Halim
Pages: 191
Published: May 16th 2018
Publisher: Europe Comics
Genre: Graphic Novel/Abuse
My Rating: 1/5
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Life isn't easy for little Brenda, whose single teenage mom is immature, selfish, and prone to violent mood swings. Brenda takes care of her as best she can, missing out on many childhood joys to be her mother’s Little Mama. Sadly, her already challenging existence gets even worse when her mom’s abusive boyfriend moves in. Brenda loves having a new baby brother, but her home life soon turns into pure living hell. Finally she reaches her breaking point, and has to find the courage to save herself and embark on the difficult road towards recovery. A heartbreaking and inspiring tale of abuse and survival.

My Thoughts
★ Stars

Why the hell did I read this? If there was EVER a book I wish I could unread, it would be this one.

It was all choppy. Half the time I had no idea what was going on or who was talking. About the only parts that weren't choppy and went smoothly were the abuse scenes.

I took a chance reading this. I knew there would be abuse but I thought it would be one of those books that would end with a incredibly powerful ending that would leave you in tears. 

It left me in tears all right. Just not the good kind. I thought there would be justice. There was none. The kids got to stay with the abusive parents. They stayed with the abusive mom, because I guess kicking out the guy was "justice"? 
The therapist tells the abused girl she doesn't need to forgive her mother, she needs to forgive herself and that it was perfectly okay that her little brother "took her place". Are. You. Joking? 

This book turned my stomach and makes me want to throw up.

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