Monday, July 9, 2018

June wrap-up & July TBR

Greetings fellow Zombabes! Yeah I know I'm forever late with this but I was wondering if I should even do a wrap up because... well... I didn't read a damn thing in June! Lol. Well, I did, but I'm still reading the book (yes, still IT) but I thought, eh why not. I have a couple of books I would like to read for July. If I can or will is a different story.

But it doesn't hurt to hope right! Hoping I can finish IT. Going to finish "Hope... Anyway" (Only book I got this month. Not much of a haul, I know but better than nothing. Lol) So far, I'm not sold on this read. I got it in return for an honest review. Maybe it'll get better. Fingers crossed!
Also was approved to read After the Fire by Will Hill and The Goodbye Girls by Lisa Harrington (this one I really really wanted to read but not sure I will be able to because the format won't work on anything of mine.) Again, fingers crossed!

Terrible I haven't set much of a goal this month... or this year for that matter but oddly enough I have been watching a lot more shows than normal. Not sure why. X_X

And I have also started playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Has anyone else still play this or still play this? Let me know! ^_^


  1. Still not even half way honestly. Lol but I confess it is interesting and showing more about characters than the movie ever did. (Mainly Richie for me)


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