Friday, June 5, 2015

Nightmare in Greasepaint by L.L. Soares & G. Daniel Gunn


Some family legacies are best left buried.
Will Pallasso has brought his wife and young son, Billy, back to his childhood home to settle his late mother’s affairs…and remove all traces of his haunted past. But now hideous memories are coming back to Will, and Billy has started suffering from night terrors. Returning to this house was a big mistake. Some memories should not be disturbed, and some nightmares will not stay buried forever.
Especially nightmares that wear greasepaint spattered with blood.

My Thoughts
★★★ Late night jitters Stars.
I received this book VIA NG in return for an honest review.
Ehhh, this book was okay. Nothing to really go cha-cha over. It really left me with more questions than anything else. Of course it's still one of those amazing "tell at a sleepover" stories because it really does set a creepy mood. The story line was very interesting and actually reminds me of the movie Clown (I saw about it on youtube, not sure if it's really a movie or not; if so, for all I know they could be hand in hand.) anywho. If you are looking for a late night quick read to give you the jitters, This is a good book to try.
One final note... I really freaking hate clowns!

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