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{Review} Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

Title: Windfall
Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary
My Rating: 2/5
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Let luck find you. 
Alice doesn’t believe in luck—at least, not the good kind. But she does believe in love, and for some time now, she’s been pining for her best friend, Teddy. On his eighteenth birthday—just when it seems they might be on the brink of something—she buys him a lottery ticket on a lark. To their astonishment, he wins $140 million, and in an instant, everything changes.

At first, it seems like a dream come true, especially since the two of them are no strangers to misfortune. As a kid, Alice won the worst kind of lottery possible when her parents died just over a year apart from each other. And Teddy’s father abandoned his family not long after that, leaving them to grapple with his gambling debts. Through it all, Teddy and Alice have leaned on each other. But now, as they negotiate the ripple effects of Teddy’s newfound wealth, a gulf opens between them. And soon, the money starts to feel like more of a curse than a windfall.

As they try to find their way back to each other, Alice learns more about herself than she ever could have imagined…and about the unexpected ways in which luck and love sometimes intersect.

My Thoughts
★★ Stars
I received this book in return for an honest review. 

When I first came across this book, I fell in love with the cover. It is hands-down beautiful. Then I read the blurb and though how unique it sounded. I mean seriously. I have never came across a book quiet like this. I know it couldn't have been easy to write about someone winning the lottery. I had high hopes for this book

But...the more I read...

It just fell so flat. From start to finish. I kept expecting SOMETHING to happen that would just blow this out of the water and make it so awesome. But, nothing happened.

The characters just about drove me nuts. I mean you have the main character Alice who is miss goody-two-shoes who buys a lottery ticket for a friends 18th birthday as a bit of a gag gift because she doesn't even believe in luck. Turns out, ding-ding-ding, she picked the winning numbers and her friend is suddenly a high roller. Who doesn't even offer her any money until someone ELSE says something about it, then he gets this bug up his butt about how she HAS to take it. Her being goody-two-shoes, doesn't dare take it. Lets be realistic here.... No one in their right minds would turn down money. No offence. But through this book she is just his rug mat but that is totally okay because she is in love with him. So I guess that makes being a mat okay! .....NOT!

{I want to touch down on the luck thing. That part kinda bugs me. The MC doesn't even believe in luck yet the endless quotes on this book are about letting luck find you. Man, let it find you would be nice,  but I was raised to get off your butt and work for what you want. But I guess in her case, don't believe and you'll get all the luck. Go her.}

Lets talk about this "friend". The one she is in love with and ended up the lucky winner. Possibly the worst kind of guy you could have in your life. The whole time I read this book the ONLY vibe I got from him was the abusive possessive boyfriend vibe. He was a jerk from start to finish and just used her as a rug and gosh forbid she talk to another guy that she works with while volunteering. Ugh.
He reminded me so much of the kid from Blank Check. The one who ended up getting a million dollars and ended up spending it all in like 5-7 days. See, I would expect a child to go on a unnecessary shopping spree. I wouldn't expect an adult to do that. Especially one coming from a one bedroom apartment. I would think he would want to take care of his family, especially his hard working mother but hey! Giving away tons of free shit at high school it much better than helping. It pissed me off so bad because he never gave away anything selflessly. It was always "HEY LOOK AT ME! LOVE ME! I AM RICH! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!"   It's pathetic.

Lets not forget the gay cousin/friend. Who plays the middle ground for both sides. I think this group was a bit cliche honestly.

I really don't know what to say about the story itself. I don't think there is anything really to say. There was nothing and when it ended I just felt empty. Outside the cover, I felt nothing for this story or characters. :/

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