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Drops of Sunshine by Tricia Copeland


Title: Drops of Sunshine
Author: Tricia Copeland
Pages: 130
Published: July 13th 2015
Publisher: true bird publishing llc
Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary
My Rating: 4/5
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With a job as a camp counselor, sixteen-year-old Nina heads to the wilderness for summer break. With her year all she wants is an escape. But some special kids can hear her thoughts and she can't hide her head in the sand like she planned. Can Nina come to terms with all her swirling emotions? Sometimes all it takes is a drop of sunshine!

My Thoughts
★★★★ Stars
I received this book in return for a honest review.

This was such a rare read for me.
I admit, I've read tons of YA books-all kinds
But nothing like this before.

I mean, sure it has the typical teenage love interest and drama.

But the camp for the blind/deaf/etc isn't really something you read about. Especially with such detail. It was beautiful to read about and I loved how they all seemed "magical" because they knew things they shouldn't. They were adorable. "down with purple!" lol

This was a warm read. You know that trusty blanket everyone has? The one you can use year round and it never get to cold or to hot in it becauae it is just perfect and it's... Well... Your favorite. Lol that's what this book is. A warm blanket.

I loved the main character of this book. She is so young but is more mature than the adults she works with. That is so rare. Lol. And kinda sad. It's sad they let that bathroom incident happen to her and did nothing to help. It makes me so mad but I guess that's what makes this real. Because it happens to women every single day. It's heart breaking.

I'm glad that in the long run he got in trouble. Sadly it was like a slap on the wrist though. Ugh!!!

Other than that idiot, I lived this book. It was a quick read that makes you dive and swim through it.

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