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Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch


Title: Love & Gelato
Author: Jenna Evans Welch
Pages: 389
Published: May 3rd 2016
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary
My Rating: 4/5
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I made the wrong choice.

Lina is spending the summer in Tuscany, but she isn’t in the mood for Italy’s famous sunshine and fairy-tale landscape. She’s only there because it was her mother’s dying wish that she get to know her father. But what kind of father isn’t around for sixteen years? All Lina wants to do is get back home.

But then she is given a journal that her mom had kept when she lived in Italy. Suddenly Lina’s uncovering a magical world of secret romances, art, and hidden bakeries. A world that inspires Lina, along with the ever-so-charming Ren, to follow in her mother’s footsteps and unearth a secret that has been kept for far too long. It’s a secret that will change everything she knew about her mother, her father—and even herself.

People come to Italy for love and gelato, someone tells her, but sometimes they discover much more.

My Thoughts
★★★★ Stars

Turns out there's a reason they call it falling in love, because when it happens—really happens—that's exactly how it feels. There's no doing or trying, you just let go and hope that someone's going to be there to catch you.

There are exactly two emotions while reading this book. They are:


This book was so stinkin' cute! I admit for the longest time, I put off getting it because I really thought it would be terrible (because I really don't like contemporary mainly and it just didn't sound that interesting to me.) 

*waits for the angry crowd to quiet down* 

Horrible of me, I know. Happy to let y'all know, I was totally wrong about that. Lol. Everyone I know whether they were on goodreads, Instagram, Facebook, pretty much everyone who had the book long before me, absolutely loved this book. So I broke down and bought it. So. Freaking. Glad. I Did. 

Love & Gelato was beautiful. It's this magical thing (for lack of a better word) that makes you feel like you are really there. You are Lina. Every up and down she goes through just rips at your heart and doesn't let go. There is no possible way you can actually put the book down because .. well... there is just no way. Lol You want to know what happens. You NEED to know. 

Every character is unforgettable. I have never read a book before where I can remember every character big OR little because they made such a impact. 

I only had one single issue with this book and that was the whole Ren and Lina bit at the end. I hated that people all knew he had a girlfriend and they still told Lina to "go for it!" to try to win him. Like he is a prize or something. That just bugs me. The whole "go for it" bit was almost enough to ruin this book for me because you are legit telling her it is okay to flirt/hit-on someone who is already in a relationship. Which made me see Lina as a homewreaker. It turned my stomach. I wanted to stop reading but I am glad it all worked out in the end. But it still doesn't change the fact that these grown-ups were telling her that it was totally okay to pursue him. I can see WHY they did but that still doesn't make it right. 

That was literally the only problem I had with this book. Besides that, it was a gripping, heart tugging, unforgettable ride. I wish I could put my feelings into words about how the ending felt. It was bittersweet. Like seeing a friend off, who is about to start this amazing life. It gives you warm fuzzy feelings but is also kinda sad.

I loved this book. I would recommend it. 

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