Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Chosen (Portals of Destiny #1) by Shay West


The Mekans left much as they arrived, their shadows darkening the ruins of a once beautiful and vibrant planet. The noise of their engines, while still stirring up huge clouds of dust, no longer caused discomfort for the people.
There wasn’t anyone left to hear.
The Mekan Fleet threaten all life in the galaxy and only the Chosen can fight these metal monstrosities and save those that call this galaxy home. The Guardians travel to the home worlds of the Chosen, sent by the Masters of Gentra to guide and protect them. But the prophecy that speaks of the Mekan threat says nothing of sending the Guardians to the Chosen before the signs appear. The decision to send them early could doom all in the galaxy to death. 

My Thoughts
★★★★★+ Amazing Stars.
I received this book in return for an honest review.
I'm not big into Sci-Fi books to be honest... at all. 
Buuuut of course once I saw "by Shay West" I knew I HAD to read it! Her writing is so amazing! I love reading her books. I get so lost in it and I feel like I'm truly there... which was kinda hard and dangerous for this book. Haha! I'm a bit claustrophobic so of course the underwater world had me honestly about to faint because I was holding my breath without realizing it. (lol!)
Anyway, enough of that. Starting out with this book kinda took me a while to get into because like I said, not really my thing. But I'm glad I stuck in there! The more I got into it, the harder it got for me to put down.. Which of course was tough (I won't lie) I was in the middle of moving and sick so I could only read a little here and there (which is also why this book took me so long to read; I apologize for that.)
The characters in the book were a bit hard to grasp because there were so many, but you get use to it. and I have to just straight up say this now...I despise Jon. He makes me want to punch him in the face! I'm just sitting here with my jaw dropped and going "Are you serious?!" quite a few times. Sloan would be next to be slapped. tsk tsk tsk.
Of all the worlds, I have to say Gentra is my favorite though. It just sounds so beautiful... But I think if one of the people came up to me, I'd pull a "Finding Nemo" thing "Aw guys you made me ink!"
love love LOOOOOVE Moira!! Probably my most favorite thing out of the whole book! How can anyone NOT love Moira?! Lol

All in all, this book was perfect, amazing and wonderfully written. Can't wait to start book two!

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