Saturday, June 19, 2021

{Review} The Wind

Original Title: The Wind
Director Emma Tammi
Distributor: Soapbox Films, Divide/Conquer, Mind Hive Films
Released: April 5, 2019
Genre: Action/Fantasy/Historical
Language: English
Country: USA
My Rating: 1/10
Add To: Netflix
A supernatural thriller set in the Western frontier of the late 1800s, The Wind stars Caitlin Gerard (INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY) as a plains-woman driven mad by the harshness and isolation of the untamed land.

★ Stars

What in the gosh damn monstrosity hell was that bullshit? I remember back when this movie came out being soooo excited about it but never being able to watch it because it was never available where I was, now that I got a chance, you can only imagine how fast I jumped to watch it.
Mistakes were made, man. MISTAKES WERE SO MADE!!!! Much regret, wow. Regret much. I wish I was kidding. I want to erase my brain from this. I had zero connection to any of the characters. The timeline was a completely jumbo mess. Think Pulp Fiction......on meth. 
What was the storyline? Literally, what was the storyline? Okay the land is "cursed"???? Why? It caused so much trouble? Why? It let you live 8 years? Why? THERE WERE SO MANY QUESTIONS AND ZERO ANSWERS!!!! Not to mention the gosh damn husband. Oh fuck that dude. I hate his guts. It's probably the one thing you see a mile away. I mean you could see most everything that happened before it happened and it still made zero sense. The story went no where, there really was no story. There was no explaining. It was all a waste of time. 

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