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{Review} 恐怖新聞 (Terror Newspaper)

Original Title: 恐怖新聞
Also Known As: Terror Newspaper
Director Hideo Nakata, Daiji Hattori, Masanori Inoue
Distributor: Fuji TV / Tokai TV
Released: August 29, 2020
Genre: Horror/Paranormal/Supernatural
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 9/10
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Onoda Shizuru is a university student in Kyoto. As soon as she starts living out her long cherished desire, the strange horror newspapers begin to arrive. At first, she believes them to be a prank but the stories in the newspapers begin happening one after the other. Murders, accidents, abuse, natural disasters, injustice... these newspapers predict all sorts of tragedies. What is the truth behind them?
70年代にオカルトブームの火付け役となった、つのだじろう「恐怖新聞」を原作に、オトナの土ドラ史上、最も恐いドラマが、今、幕を開ける。 主人公・小野田詩弦は、京都市内の大学に通う女子大生。 念願の一人暮らしを始めた彼女の元に、様々な不幸を予言する恐怖新聞が届くようになる。 最初はイタズラだと思っていた詩弦だが、次々と新聞に書かれた通りの事件が起こり、信じるように…。前途洋々の大学生活が、死と隣り合わせの悪夢へと一変していく。 1日読むごとに100日ずつ寿命が縮まる恐怖新聞に翻弄され、追いつめられる詩弦。しかし、はじめは恐れるだけだった詩弦だが、やがて呪われた未来を変えるために運命に抗い始める。 その中で明らかになる、恐怖新聞に秘められた驚愕の“真実”とは…。 次々と身に降りかかる不条理な恐怖の中で、自身が存在することへの不安と向き合う事になる詩弦を演じるのは、98年生まれの”奇跡の世代”の中で、演技力No.1の呼び声が高い白石聖。 詩弦と恋に落ちるバイト先の先輩・松田勇介を演じるのは、佐藤大樹。 恋人を守ろうとして悪夢に巻き込まれていく青年に、LDH注目の若手俳優が挑む。 そして、詩弦の母親・歌子を演じるのは、名女優・黒木瞳。 娘思いの優しい母親だが…意味深な存在感を醸し出す、物語を予期せぬ方向へ導くキーパーソンを怪演する。 演出を手掛けるのは、“元祖・ルール系ホラー映画”『リング』で世界中を震撼させた中田秀夫。 見たら1週間後に必ず死ぬ呪いのビデオで見る者を凍り付かせたホラー界の巨匠が、今回は“読んだら死ぬ”新たなルール系ホラーを世に放つ。 そして、シリーズ構成を担当するのは、小説家・乙一。 最近では、脚本・監督を手がけた映画「シライサン」がスマッシュヒット。猟奇的なホラー作品から感動作まで幅広く手掛ける乙一が、誰も見たことがないような恐怖世界を作り上げる。 オトナの土ドラシリーズ29作目にして、初のホラー。描かれるのは、極限の恐怖。 あなたの元に恐怖新聞が届くのは、今夜かもしれない…
~~ Based on Tsunoda Jirou's classic horror manga "Kyoufu Shinbun", serialized in Weekly Shounen Champion.
★★★★★★★★★ Stars

Holy crap I have such a love/hate relationship with this show. I loved it, okay. Freaking LOVED it!
I remember when I tried to watch it a while back, for some reason I couldn't seem to get in to it? How? I have no idea so it's been sitting in my PTW list for way to freaking long. Not sure what got me to click on it today but you best bet when I clicked "play" on episode 1, I literally binged and watched every single episode in one sitting. Lol

I know if you were to look at my updates as I watched this show, you would see my losing my mind in anger and if you could hear me, I was probably worse in person. This show had my blood pressure so high I thought steam was coming out of my ears. When I tell you the characters played their parts waaaayyyyyy to well........ Taiki, hunny, I love you but... It's gonna take me a bit to not growl scream in frustration when I see your beautiful face on screen. Lol. I really did have a love/dislike thing for him because there were so many times I was so mad at him, I could have lost my shit -- only to find out later he did what he did for a reason. But there were 2 things his character did that I just... Bro.... what the fuck? There was no reason for those to happen. I know things happen, but wtf .

I'm still on the fence about her mother, honestly. I loved that eventually they got close but I won't lie, I was sus the whole time thinking she had some hidden agenda or something going on.

I'll say this, the one character I hated and takes the cake on all this bullshittery was Momoka. Fuck that crusty-dusty-should-have-been-swallowed-bitch! I hate her with a passion and that is saying something because technically she's not even the "big bad guy" -- yet she sure was the fucking worse!!! "best friend", my ass. I never understood why she blamed Shizuru for what was happening, and I still don't. Because this whole time she was making morbid ass jokes about Shizuru's dead father and other dead people. She had NO PROBLEM being a morbid bitch and laughing when it came to Shizuru's trauma. Oh no, but "bestie, let's be besties. I won't let you do this alone! I'm with you!" --then after she finally sees a dead body she loses her fucking shit. And let's not even pretend, from the second she saw Yusuke, she wanted him. Before alllllllll this went down, the MOMENT she saw him it was "uhhhh Shizuru who?" people like her genuinely make me want to vomit. So no remorse on what happened to her. She's a bitch.

I liked that they gave us a bit of backstory about origin and all but I feel like they could have delivered it better. I thought I was tripping balls for a second thinking I had started watching the wrong show. Lol I mean, I know it was needed, I just feel like a warning would have been nice for that trip back. Lol

As it started to end I feel like it was getting kinda crazy to be honest. Especially that last episode. Like, I get it but I don't? It was smart as hell for what that girl did to save her own ass, that was fast thinking. But.... When it showed so many people getting the newspaper, does that mean they got it all at once? Or did they all die that quickly?
I also didn't understand why --if she was doing good in this life, was she dragged to hell? Like, I get it, she was terrible in a past life, but if she kept getting reborn and finally picked to "take over" (which was a lie) shouldn't that count for something? I just don't understand that ending.

It wasn't a bad ending, just wish I could wrap my head around it at bit better. Lol All in all, this show was extremely amazing.

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