Friday, June 25, 2021

{Review} 性の劇薬 (Sei no Gekiyaku)

Original Title: 性の劇薬
Also Known As: Sexual Drug/Sex and Drugs
Director Jojo Hideo
Distributor: Boys Fan/Future comics (??)
Released: Febuary 14, 2020
Genre: Mature/Drama/Trigger: S/A
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 2/10
Add To: N/A; 18+
After attempting to commit suicide, elite office worker Katsuragi Makoto wakes up bound in an unfamiliar face. There he meets his captor, Yoda Ryoji, who forces a horrible life of sexual assault and confinement training on Makoto. The two start bonding and each begins to recall the tragic past that led them to this deranged situation.

「俺のせいで、すべてが無くなった…」 完璧な人生から転落したエリートサラリーマンの桂木は、絶望のさなか酔った勢いで飛び降り自殺をはかる。 「捨てるなら…その命、俺に寄こせ!」 突然現れた謎の男・余田に助けられるのだが、それは恐ろしい監禁調教生活のはじまりだった…
~~ Adapted from the manga with the same title by Mizuta Yuki.
★★ Stars

What in the stockholm syndrome hell was that? It was like a train wreck that you know you want to look away but you can't take your eyes off it. I want those 2 hours of my life back. X_X
I started off just wanting to leave it at "I'm going to mark this as watched but I'm going to pretend I never saw it" --sadly, that fell through because it's forever embedded into my brain and I get, that's on me. That is what I get for seeing a cool cover and being like "I'm watching it" without reading the synopsis. But really. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS?!?! (side note, I would like to mention, I had no idea the cover had a darken tab over it so I didn't see *everything*, had I seen it, I would have not thought the cover was so interesting. just saying. lol)

There was barely a storyline. If you had to say the storyline, it was a storyline like SAW. Kinda, "oh you want to die? I'm going to traumatize you in so many ways it'll make you want to live!" make it make sense. SMH
Hats off to the actors, they did really great, that's about it. The actors did great but this show should have never seen the light of day. I don't get the whole:: of you want to die? Let me rape you repeatedly until you WANT to live! Oh and here is a hidden secret, I want to die too because I lost the love of my life and later I'm going to try to kill myself but YOU need to save ME this time.
Like it's some kind of fucking romantic drama? Are you shitting me?! My stomach is still turning. There is so much to say, none of it good but I swear I feel like my brain is a potato right now trying to process the bullshittery that was this movie.

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