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{Review} 私立バカレア高校 (Shiritsu Bakaleya Koko)

Original Title: 私立バカレア高校
Also Known As: Bakaleya High School/Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou
Director Kentaro Moriya, Masahiko Kiki
Distributor: NTV
Released: April 14, 2012
Genre: Young Adult/Drama/Action
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 8/10
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In "Shiritsu Bakaleya Koko" two high schools merge together. On one side is the "baka" all male high school, filled with troublemakers. The other side is the “cattleya”all girl high school, filled with well educated girls from rich families. What will happen when the schools merge?

★★★★★★★★ Stars
**May include spoilers**
I came across this drama when I was randomly looking for new stuff to watch. I didn't expect to really get invested in the story but I have to admit when it started, even though it was wild, I loved the guys passion. Lol

If you followed my updates watching this though, you know I hated this show. Lol Okay, I didn't hate the show, but I did hate the females. Nothing pisses me off more than people coming in and think they instantly own everything and do as they please. I can not stand when someone thinks just because they have money to do what they please makes everything okay. When they called the guy's things trash, it really drove me up the wall especially when you see the flashbacks of Tatsuya and his brother Ren. His brother loved the school so much so of course Tatsuya would only feel the same. So for the girls to call things "trash" is like calling his brother trash... even if they didn't mean it that way. I think those that have lost someone close to them will understand what I mean about this.

I wanted to give up watching this show so many times but because I was in so much and the episodes weren't that long, I held in there. Lol plus, I really had high hopes of wearing the girls down. Lol --I feel like that last one would never happen. X_X another thing that kept me going was the hidden gem in episode 6. Lol Gah he was such a asshole in this show. But I was shocked he was in it. I was like "hold up. Is that who I think it is?!" Yes... yes it was. Lol I'm not even mad. XD

Anyway, I digress. I'm not sure how the teachers let the guys school get as bad as it did though. Honestly. It's like teachers didn't exist until they were like "Well... maybe if we put these rich girls in here, they'll calm down .Damn near drove me nuts. Not to mention, I honestly felt like they were the only class in the whole school. Nowhere are other students shown until the very end when the gym is full and I was left sitting there screaming "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!?" at the screen. Lol. I don't think that was thought through very well.

I don't understand that ending either. Like I do, but I don't. It was left open to me and I hate open endings. Why did they suddenly start fighting each other? Was this what we were seeing in episode one? I'm confused. Lol But then again, I did sleep between episode 1 and the last episode so I probably missed a lot. Not to mention, they character dropped like crazy through this whole thing. I hate that. I hate not knowing all of the characters and to make matters worse, they were all technically main characters. I couldn't tell you half of their names unless I was looking at the cast preview. X_X

I will say this though, I was right from the start about the co-ing. Lol I knew putting the girls there wouldn't change much, but it did change them. Which I'm glad. They were like heartless robots and it drove me insane but the longer they were around the guys the more they started to seem to let lose a bit and realize it was okay to fight back about things you really care about. As for the guys... well... it was interesting to see them change a bit too. Lol They weren't complete cavemen but I'm glad they kept their passion and fought for what they loved. Am I glad they always fought? No. Hell no. But what can you do? Lol. I'm also not a fan how they made the guys seem like they were stupid just because they were "troublemakers". Like yeahhhh no. That's not how that works. -_-

This show really gave me High and Low vibes though.

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