Monday, February 1, 2021

{Review} Kaali Khuhi

Original Title: Kaali Khuhi(?)
Director: Terrie Samundra
Distributor: Manomay Motion Picture
Released: October 30, 2020
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Language: Hindi
Country: India
My Rating: 6/10
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In stormy rainy night a girl enters an house the old lady gives her shelter but collapses after knowing about her. Shivangi a ten year old sees reflection in a well which she wasn't expecting her parents Darshan and Priya have an argument over going to visit the village to meet her ailing grandmother whose the same old lady. Upon reaching the village Shivani starts seeing a girl in the house and nothing seems to be fine.Satya Masi finally reveals about and old curse of village where many female babies were dumped in a well in cruel way.
★★★ Stars
This movie had so much promise. I wanted to rate it more stars but with the same breath, I barely want to rate it three. I want to rate it one. But I don't think that is exactly fair. 

I don't understand how you can have the making of this amazing film... and fail... so... horribly. The acting was amazing by everyone. Even side characters were played so well that you could feel their fear. And I won't lie, I hated the father. What kind of asshole makes his family stay in danger? Like are you serious? I don't get it. I'm confused because he seemed like such a good guy in the first 5 minutes before they got back to his hometown. I was actually pissed off at the mom. Crazy how those roles flipped super fast after they got to that town. Like are you shitting me? Hats off to the mom though, She really tried her best to get her and her daughter to safety ... even if the bastard fought them over it. Which breaks my heart. It shattered my heart to know what could have happened to the kid if history had repeated itself.

The aunt is probably my favorite character though. She was a really sweet lady and tried her best at ... everything. Trying to keep everyone safe. I just don't understand most of it. 

So we start off with some random guy hacking into the well saying he can hear the screams and if course we know how that went. -- The "curse" was released *again* 
The thing is... is how was it released again? I get the aunt had to wait for the old bats (the elder ladies) to die before she could put a stop to everything. But does that mean it was just her family? And if not, why was no one else her age stopping it or keeping it going? Why did this one baby (who ends up being the little demon girl) just so happen to be the baby that wanted to fight back? WHY WERE THEY KILLING BABIES IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!? AND WHY DID THE FATHERS NEVER STOP IT!?!
And if all girls were killed... how were there women still alive to birth babies? 
Why after all these years did it start again to bring that family back?
And what was the point of all the time jumping? Why do all this when they had stopped killing the children? If it was because the aunt "covered the sins" then why wait so long?
I just don't understand. And the ending? What the hell was that? You wanted the little girl to save you, but you're already dead? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!!!!
I want to understand. I really do, but in the end it just pisses me of with more confusion.

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