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{Review} 치즈인더트랩 (Cheese in the Trap)

Original Title: 치즈인더트랩
Also Known As: Cheese in the Trap
Director: Lee Yoon-Jung
Distributor: tvN
Released: January 4, 2016
Genre: Drama/Romance
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 10/10
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Having returned to college after a year long break, due to her family's poor background, Hong Sul, a hard-working over-achiever, inadvertently got on the wrong side of Yoo Jung, her senior who is athletic, good looking, gets good grades and has a kind personality, but also a hidden dark side. From then on her life took a turn for the worse and Sul was almost certain it was all Yoo Jung's doing. So why is he suddenly acting so friendly a year later?

"니들은 몰라도 난 안다고. 저 가짜 웃음 뒤에 숨겨진 선배의 또 다른 얼굴을..." 달콤한 미소 뒤 위험한 본성을 숨긴 완벽 스펙남과 유일하게 그의 본모습을 꿰뚫어본 비범한 여대생의 숨막히는 로맨스릴러

~~Adapted from the webtoon: 치즈인더트랩 by 순끼
★★★★★★★ Stars

Don't come for me.
As I am sure this review will have possible spoilers and will definitely contain unpopular thoughts, be wary.

I really wanted to be one of the ones that watched this show and completely fell in love with it.... sadly, I wasn't.
Interesting enough though, this show kept me hooked from start to finish -- for the wrong reasons. I feel like the more I got into the show, the less I cared about the characters because I really just wanted to see justice, because let's face the cold truth here, everyone minus maybe 3 people, did Seol completely wrong and dirty.

The story was really interesting, there is no way I'll say it wasn't. While it was your typical drama, it did have its uniqueness in it's own way. I also really loved everyone's acting in this show except Sung Kyung (In Ha) don't come at me, I love her other things but in this show I felt like she was extremely over dramatic and walked like a zombie half the time and when she stood she reminded me of a Monster High doll. Remember how they used to be bent weird like something was wrong with their spines? Lol That is what she reminded me of.
I hated probably 98% of the characters. I loved Seol and her 2 friends, --oh, and her brother. That's it. I wish more friendships where like that though. No matter what she went through they were always there for her... even the small bit when they were mad at each other. Lol Those kinds of friendships are so rare.

Everyone else can fuck off though. For me my most hated characters were probably In Ha, Stalker Boy, and lazy drunk bitch. I don't care enough to remember their names... and I say that with my whole chest. oh and add on that snobby little bitch she had class with. lol Ol crusty musty ass.
ANYWAY!!! back to the review.

Everything about this show was left open and I hate hate hate hate HATE open endings. This took it to a whole new level though. Because everything was left open. Characters were there then suddenly they weren't? People were with others and just nothing was explained? I get that this was adapted from a webtoon, but that doesn't mean you should leave out information. Lol Especially since these characters were there since episode one. By episode 10 you shouldn't be like "okay well.... we just don't need you anymore" that's not how that works. Lol I mean I'm glad to see them gone but because there was no information on how or where they went, It kinda stressed me out always looking for them because I expected them to come and fuck shit up some more. cuz you know.... fuck happiness? Lol

Speaking of happiness... what kind of damn ending was that? What kind of main character treatment was that? You do on and on about people are using her and she needs to put a stop to it -- then you proceed to use her in manipulative ways. and let's not forget any time she was attacked, somehow it was her fault and if it wasn't her fault they made it super clear they she shouldn't hold it against ol-pwoor-pwiddful-widdle *insert someone's name, there's a list to choose from at this point*. Like wow, okay - she ended up physically injured how many times but still, she should forgive them? All while saying she needs to stop putting up with people's bullshit.
Geez the more I go on about about this the more I want to take away stars. So I better stop here.

All in all, yes the acting was good, the story, while hole-y like swiss cheese, was good. i just wanted more justice. I wanted actual ending.

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