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{Review} 구미호뎐 (Tale of the Nine Tailed)

Original Title: 구미호뎐
Also Known As: Tale of Gumiho/Tale of the Nine Tailed
Director: Kang Shin-hyo
Distributor: tvN
Released: October 7, 2020
Genre: Supernatural/Action/Romance/Fantasy
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 10/10
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The mythical nine-tailed fox, or gumiho, Lee Yeon had to settle in the city many centuries ago. Able to transform into human form, he eradicates supernatural beings that threaten the mortal world. His real aim is to find the reincarnation of his lost first love. The talented television producer Nam Ji Ah works in a show that features urban myths. In the past, her parents were involved in a mysterious car accident and disappeared, and she suspects that Lee Yeon might be connected with this accident. The half-brother to Lee Yeon is the captivating Lee Rang. Despite being half-human himself, he harbors a deep-seated contempt for all people. For sport, he will unleash his seductive prowess upon his human-du-jour, by promising to grant them their wishes, only to trick them into paying a hefty price for their earthly desires.

도시에 정착한 구미호와 그를 쫓는 프로듀서의 판타지액션로맨스
구미호 이야기"의 주인공 이영이 최근 도시에 등장했다. 차갑고 잘 생긴 남자는 겉으로는 사람과 완전히 구별 할 수 없지만 사실 그는 인간의 외모를 취할 수있는 구미호이다. 이영은 외부 세계와 타 세계의 질서를 유지하고 인간의 영혼을 정화하고 혼돈을 만들어야한다. 주인공은 도시 신화에 대한 쇼를 촬영하는 TV 프로듀서 남지 아의 눈길을 끈다. 그 소녀는 그녀의 일에 매우 이타 적이며 정말 가치있는 자료를 얻기 위해 아무것도 멈추지 않을 것입니다. 이영에게는 이복형 제, 사랑스러운 이복 혈이란이 있습니다. 그는 사람들을 경멸하고 그들에게 매우 위험하지만 그의 속임수와 가짜 친절 덕분에 그는 인간의 약점을 능숙하게 다루며 엄청난 대가로 욕망을 충족시킵니다
★★★★★★★★★★ Stars
With the final episode done, my face tear stained, eyes puffy, and nose looking like it could put Rudolf to shame... I wonder what I'm supposed to do with my life now.
I feel like a mess. A huge mess. I have been stalking my own TV since freaking OCTOBER! You know the second a new episode dropped, my nose was in the TV and best bet, I haven't made plans to do anything in fear of missing a episode. Lol

구미호뎐 was so gosh damn phenomenal. I just want to spend the rest of my days talking about how much I loved every inch of this show. I have this weird obsession with 구미호 anyway so when I heard there was going to be a show about it starring two of my favorite people - There was nothing else left to do except wait. I needed no other reason because I was instantly hooked. Whoever thought to put Kim Bum and Lee Dong-Wook in a show together... I love you. and thank you for traumatizing me. Okay not really thankful about that last part, but thank you for putting this amazing masterpiece together.

This show is the perfection of a roller coaster without going on those monstrosities (I said what I said) -- 
There were characters I adored from the start and ended up HATING! There were characters I hated that I ended up loving... but funny enough it ended with me loving everyone. Well... minus the bad people. Hot or not, I still don't like you 이무기 (Imoogi)!! Even though there were a lot of times I wished you weren't a dickbag.  

ANYWHO! Every single episode held so much that sometimes I felt like I held my breath the whole time, only able to breathe when it was over. Lol It held a bit of a trance, I suppose. Not complaining. I love shows like that. It's rare for that to happen as well - So I know this show will stick with me forever and will always be a favorite of mine. 

Everyone's acting was off the charts amazing, there wasn't a single terrible person that was casted and I really really REALLY hope this wins awards. That's how amazing I believe it is. Not only the whole show, the cast, storyline, even the MUSIC.. just... EVERYTHING should be won when it comes to this show! I'm talking Parasite level of awards. Fight me if you don't agree. lol 

I knew getting close to the end it would be sad. It's inevitable, but COME ON!!! I wasn't expecting THAT! I don't think I have cried quiet that hard since I watched Goblin.... and my face turned purple from crying so hard watching that. You can imagine how I looked watching this...... please don't imagine. I'm sure it's scary AF. Lol

The only and I mean ONLYYYYY issue I had with this show isn't even really just a issue, more of a confusion? And that's how it ended the way that it ended. I don't understand? Was he? Wasn't he? kinda thing. So I am really confused. I'm kinda hoping they release some kind of statement about it or extra little piece to explain how that happened when all through the show - we heard different. While I'm happy, I'm confused and maybe a little scared? Also... I wish it could have ended happier, if you know what I mean. If you watch it, and I hope you do -- I hope you'll agree with me that that person deserved happiness too. 

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