Sunday, December 27, 2020

{Review} 스위트홈 (Sweet Home)

Original Title: 스위트홈
Also Known As: Sweet Home
Director: Lee Eung Bok
Distributor: Studio Dragon/Netflix
Released: December 18, 2020
Genre: Horror/Supernatural/Thriller
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 10/10
Add To: Netflix
Following the death of his family in an accident, loner Cha Hyun Soo moves to a new apartment. His quiet life is soon disturbed by strange incidents that start occurring in his new building. As people turn into monsters, Hyun Soo and other residents try to survive.

끔찍한 사고로 가족을 모두 잃은 외톨이 고등학생 현수는 그린 홈이라는 낡은 아파트 단지로 이사한다. 절망에 빠진 그는 점차 그린 홈에 관한 비밀을 깨닫는다. 왜곡된 인간 욕망을 여러 가지 형태로 투영하면서 인류를 몰아내려는 괴물이 그린 홈을 둘러싸고 있으며, 자신을 포함해 그린 홈 주민들은 그 괴물들에 갇혀있다는 사실을.

~~Adapted from a webtoon of the same name by Kim Kan Bi and Hwang Young Chan.
★★★★★★★★★★ Stars
Is this the part where I admit this show starting from episode one made me nearly dive behind my couch in fear screaming "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

I finished this show the other day and I can honestly say I still have no idea what to say. My brain is clearly static noise of insane fangirling. I see a lot of people liking it, and just as many disliking it. Still not sure how you can hate this show because of the "bad CGI" ekrhgerhreiue WHERE?! Lol Okay okay, I know, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Guess my inner fangirl just doesn't understand. Lol I thought everything about it was fantastic and had never been done before, honestly. I mean I'm a huge horror buff and this is the first show I have ever had made me actually scared. Okay, I'm sorry but that thing from episode one took me by surprise and I'm almost sure I'm sitting here as a ghost not realizing that scene actually killed me. Lol O_O

I don't think there was anything I disliked about this show because it really showed what I think the end of the world would be like. Not to mention, they covered every type of person and that takes a lot of skill to put all of that together in such a small place. And can we please talk about the setting!? They used one building through most of the show and made every episode unique as hell! THAT IS TALENT! The writers, designers, actors all deserve awards. lol Even the ones I hated with a passion (old abusive man, I'm lookin at you - freaking hated this man's character so much)

While I still have a lot of questions -- I'm sure I'll never get answers to, I really did love this show. I'm actually really shocked because it's rare that I see a preview and think "Holy crap I can't wait to see this!!" and it actually deliver on being as badass as they show in the previews. This show delivered and went WAY beyond my expectations. I can't wait for season 2! (I really hope we get it soon. Lol) 

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