Sunday, December 27, 2020

{Review} 返校 (Detention)

Original Title: 返校
Also Known As:  Fan Xiao/Detention
Director: I Hsuan Su, Chaung Shiang An, Yi Liu
Distributor: Netflix/Outland Film Production
Released: December 5, 2020
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Paranormal/Psychological
Language: Mandarin
Country: Taiwan
My Rating: 1/10
Add To: Netflix
Starts at Greenwood High School in the 1990s. Yunxiang Liu, a transfer student, steps into the forbidden area on the campus by accident, where she encounters the ghost of Ruixin Fang. Fang later unveils the hidden history and trauma over the past 30 years, and how a group of young students and teachers were persecuted as they fought for freedom in the era of censorship. Their stories keep coming back to the school like haunting nightmares, waiting to be told and revealed.
★ Star
**DROPPEDCompleted 5 out of 8 Episodes**
It's not easy for me to drop a show. I hate dropping things but I honestly can NOT complete this show. If I do, I'd have to be medicated to get through it.
This show looks scary, has the allure of a good story but honestly, 5 episodes in and I still don't even know the actual storyline. It feels like the story is "we're just going with it."

The first few episodes were hard to get into especially with the constant overlap of timelines which in all honesty was just annoying.... and pretty much gave away whatever happened next. So there is no mystery. But still it is one of those that you keep watching in hopes that you are wrong. Go with your gut. You're not wrong.

**Please not the following may have spoilers and also I will be talking about the assault that happened in the show, so please be careful of triggers <3**
I was already disgusted when the new teacher came on scene and was clearly grooming the MC, why I kept watching, I have no idea. Maybe in hopes the male lead or someone would put a stop to it? Of course it didn't just stop there, no. No the guy had to sexually assault her and then had the balls to smile in her face and force her to take pictures with him the next time they saw each other all because of that stupid ass poetry shit. WHICH SHE STATED OVER AND OVER SHE WANTED TO QUIT!!!!
I wanted to stop on episode 4 as soon as that happened but like a idiot, I kept watching in hopes that justice would be served. I mean come on.... something. Anything. But no. We get to episode 5 where there is the school board calling it a "misunderstanding" and blaming her mental illness saying she could have imagined it. (Are you fucking kidding me?!) Oh and him taking her to some place to be alone where he proceeds to grab her hands and pull that bullshit "can we please pretend this never happened?!" LIKE NO, YOU GROSS FUCK!!!
I just can't with this show. Everything about it is disgusting. The only horror here is grooming, assault, and victim blaming. There is no mystery, not when every scene shows a "flashback" of the ghost going through the same thing so you know what's about to happen. There's no justice, not when daddy is a higher up and can cover for your rapist ass.

Soooo yeahhhhh.... No. I won't be finishing this.

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