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{Review} Callie by Bill Thompson


Title: Callie
Series: The Bayou Hauntings #1
Author: Bill Thompson
Pages: 270
Published: November 21st 2017
Publisher: Ascendente Books
Genre: Adult/Mystery/Supernatural
My Rating: 4/5
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Deep in the bayous of southern Louisiana, an ancient mansion called Beau Rivage sits empty and abandoned. Arceneaux family members built the house and lived there for two hundred years. The house is inherited by Callie Pilantro, a down-on-her-luck granddaughter of Juliet Arceneaux, its most recent owner who died there a few months ago.
Strange things begin to unravel as a mysterious child appears and disappears at will inside the house, Callie finds a family graveyard in the woods that creates more questions than answers, and she discovers that even the walls of the mansion hold long-forgotten secrets.
Confronted by strange events she doesn’t understand and a little girl who speaks in riddles, Callie struggles to find the secrets of Beau Rivage even as someone is determined to keep her from learning them.
The Bayou Hauntings-Callie will keep readers guessing as they follow the new owner of the Civil War plantation home until everything comes into focus one eerie night. Will it be too late for Callie?

My Thoughts
★★★★ Stars

I received this book in return for a honest review.

Firstly, thank you so much to the publisher for letting me read this book, it was a honor. I had been wanting to read this book since the first day I saw it on NG.

I knew I couldn't pass this book up though. I mean come on. Paranormal/supernatural? Louisiana? Who in their right minds would pass this up?! It's a recipe for awesomescause!

I admit, when I first started the book, I was actually annoyed with the main character. I still kinda am honestly. I don't understand how a adult has no concept of how to balance money. I don't know. Her carelessness just irked me.

There is a lot more I really want to touch on but I don't want to give away any details! Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this book!
I just wish there has been more "paranormal/Supernatural" - what I had my heart set on.
The book seemed like more of a mystery with *talk* of a ghost; but it was kinda like a "back of the mind" thing. So I'm not sure where the "paranormal/supernatural" part comes in at, but I really am hoping book two delivers! I seriously can't wait to read it!

Can we talk about the uncle for a second though? I don't think I have ever seen such a scumbag in my life! ... and I have seen a fair share of scumbags but I do believe this guy takes the cake. How someone could be such a dick is beyond me.. but I'm guessing I can say the *other* guy is just as bad. These two made my skin want to crawl off my body and just throw the bird like "screw these guys!"
Just ugh. They are completely disgusting on a whole new level.

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