Tuesday, October 30, 2018

{Book Tag} Zombie Apocalypse

Hello my lovely ZomBabes! Hope all is well with y'all! You should already know who I got this tag from (I'm looking at you, Esther) If you aren't following her, you really should. She is amazing. Y'all know I had to do this tag. Because ... zombies. Duh! Now let me say, I read her tag and saw the earth shattering realization of her outcome.... Demise. Totally demise. *Still gross sobbing over Rhy* so I tried to find books that could work in my favor. But now that I'm looking at this... I think I just killed every single one of my favorite characters. But who knows! Now, Lets! Get! Down! To! Business!

Or the zombies. Yeah, lets defeat the zombies! ;) Anywhoooo LETS GO!
1. Pick five books.
2. Answer the questions by flipping open a book at a random page. The first name you see will be the name to answer the question.
3. Each book must answer two questions.

The books I've picked:

Fifty Shades of Grey
The Iron King
A Court of Thorns and Roses

...oh yeah, I'm 99.9% positive I just killed my future husband (Kidding) but oh boy... This is going to hurt. Lol. I'm scared! Esther! What have you made me do?!?!?! You know I couldn't pass this up! Damn me for trying to outsmart the game! lol

KATE! (Fifty Shades of Grey) Whew! Okay. Okay That was a mega close one. To bad it wasn't Jose. -_- (His was the second name mentioned. Darn. (pg182) Unless the second name is actually Clayton since it's his store she talks about?) I don't know! Anywho. I'm okay with this. We are still alive.

Ash! (The Iron King) Noooo!!! Nope. No. I might trip OVER them but I would try drag him behind me to save him. Lol. I'm in denial about this happening. It can't happen. Also, using the manga image because I'm not sure if the guy on the cover would really play him.... I should add the book cover guy shouldn't I? Eh... Oh well. Ash is amazballs

Stan Uris (IT)... I promise you, I am not surprised in the least. Him, I would trip in a heartbeat. Even in the book that was one I didn't mind seeing go. In either movie, didn't like him either. Just something about him that drives me insane. So.... Byyyyyyyeeeeeeee Stan!

Emmett (Twilight) Are you serious!? Why?! He can outrun them easy! But I guess if we are going off real life, I'm sure Emmett would be one of those "I'm better than you" types. Sadly. So yeah, I guess I can see this happening.

Lucien (ACOTAR)?!?! What?!!?!?! Nope. Y'all.. No. I demand a redo. This is to much. Do you know Lucien? There is no way he could be the idiot. If anything, he would save our butts. This isn't happening. Nope. No. NOOOO!!!!

Eff this. I'm done. (Not really, but... )

Anastasia (Fifty Shades of Grey) well.... I can't say it's terrible because she is smart. But it'd be better if it were Christian. Mwahahah.... But I'm not sure how well she would do as the brains after seeing her best friend die. Hmm...

The Oracle (The Iron King; No picture available... Can't say I blame them. lol) Yeahhh no. Medic? No. We are all screwed if the oracle gets involved. Lol

Bill Denbrough (IT) I'm conflicted on this. But honestly, I want to walk the hell away. Might come back later and accept this and I might not. Lol

Edward (Twilight) I can see this but I also can't. I love Twilight with all my heart but when he doesn't want to turn Bella for fear of her soul; I honestly wonder if he would be the kind that wouldn't want to kill zombies because they are "still people". Gah I hope not.

Amarantha (ACOTAR) ..... oh HELL naw. Eff this. Nope. We are all dead. All this was for nothing. We didn't make it out the door. She locked us all in to be eaten then become her slaves. Son of a ******** ********* ********** ******** ********** ********* ******** I'd be done went off on my own before I let this POS be captain. Nope. Shoot her. Drop her for the zombies to eat. I don't care. Not happening. I demand a redo on all this. Lol

I think it is pretty clear what is going to happen to my team. I'm heart broken. I have no words. Literally me right now is just sitting here staring at the screen like "what....just...happened." Totally living TWD with my team because it's just to similar. LOL!

If you want to do this tag, feel free! Make sure to drop your links so I can see your teams! I hope others do this! It was so fun lol

Till then, see you later, loves!


  1. I always LOVE to tag you in all kinds of booktags, because I just love to read ANYTHING from you...
    But yeah, you're kinda screwed with this team... And I will tell you why:
    - If the idiot of your team is Lucian, all our brains are just mush because he is f-ing smart...
    - If the brains of your team is Anastasia, all our brains are just mush, because she is SO naive in my opinion...
    - Edward is way too sweet to be a brawler, but maybe you should kidnap Bella and threaten to feed her to the zombies every time he refuses to fight xD

    One pro: Your weapons expert!! Bill as your expert is kinda cool and kinda smart, he fixed a bike so maybe he can make an awesome bomb that will blow away all the zombies.

    But no, you're screwed; AMARANTHA :""""")

    Ur dead. Happy Halloween xD

    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot! ^_^

      I really am screwed, here I was thinking "Yeah! I got this, my team is gonna rock!" .... it backfired so so bad. Haha

      Edward would eat my face off if I did anything to Bella! Lmbo I agree about Ana being naive but I also think she is quick on her feet when it comes to tough situations. (That's just my thoughts though)
      Yeah lol there is no way Lucian could be a idiot. I don't think anyone from that book could be, honestly... Even Tam. As much as I gag as I type this, gotta admit, he can be .... you know what, no. He sucks. A zombie would growl at him and he would get on his knees and beg for his life. Lol Tam is the idiot. The only idiot, I think. Hahaha

      And since you put it that way about Bill, you're right but it would be awesome to have Ben as a fall back. Ben builds some pretty awesome stuff. Both of them do, really. Lol

      Happy Halloween!

    2. BEN would be awesome to have in your team. He first comes across as a wimpy kid, but he develops in a real tough cool kid.

      Tam is not dumb though, he is an a*hole at times, and like you say, get on your knees and beg for your life, but not dumb, he is my weapons expert, though xD

      But just, AMARANTHA. You were probably like; Okay, ACOTAR, all awesome characters to have as a team leader, and then to have her as your pick xD

    3. Right!! I completely regret trying to outsmart this freaking tag. I screwed myself over soooo bad!!! hahah

  2. Oh geez, a redo is definitely in order- and now I'm too scared to do this tag Lol

    1. If you do, let me know! I would love to see it. Lol don't be scared! It was fun! I wish I could do a redo. Lol It's heartbreaking. hahaha

  3. This is an awesome tag. :)
    I love it. Sorry to see your team end that way though. I can tell that's definitely not what you wanted.

    1. Right! Totally backfired on my end. Hahahha Will never try to outsmart these tags again lol. If you happen to do the tag, feel free to leave your link! I'd love to check it out. ^_^


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