Tuesday, April 17, 2018

{Review} Rising Silver Mist by Olivia Wildenstein

Title: Rising Silver Mist
Series: The Lost Clan #3
Author: Olivia Wildenstein
Pages: 530
Published: April 21st 2018
Genre: New Adult/Fantasy/Mature YA
My Rating: 5/5
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First, I would never kill another person. But when a family friend murdered my father, I destroyed her with a power I didn't even know I possessed.
Second, I would never strike another bargain. But faeries could bring the dead back, so when Cruz offered to revive my father, I accepted.
Third, I would never marry an enemy, but every bargain comes at a price. The price of mine: I had to marry Cruz and move to the faerie isle.
For the first time in my life, I wondered if death wouldn't be a kinder end.

My Thoughts
★★★★★ Stars

Fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses will love this series!

At this point, I have no words. Just a thousand feelings ready to make my head pop off.


Ugh my soul! Olivia Wildenstein has this rare talent with her writing. If you open one of her books, you might as well kiss the world goodbye until you completely finish it in one sitting. There is no possible way you will be able to put it down.

This book will make you feel things you didn't know you could feel! I want to say this book out shown the first two but I'm not so sure. I mean, IT DID in it's own way... you know what, scratch that. It did. In a totally awesome way!
It was everything I expected AND SO MUCH FREAKING MORE!!!!
I'm sorry I'm screaming so much, but I can hardly contain myself.

For ACOTAR fans, I do recommend this series. It even comes equipped with it's own Tam the Tool. Hahahha... Kinda. Tam wishes he was this guy, actually. You know what, just read it.

The writing was so damn memorizing. The story was action packed that kept you on edge but needing more and honestly had the right amount of balance to literally everything.

I just found out this is the last book in the series (Other than a book about Lilly; I believe) this breaks my heart. I was wanting at least one more book. I mean come on! I'm to attached to these characters. I need to know! Are they okay, are they eating their veggies, are they getting enough sleep!? Details! I need details! Hahah

If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would give it the night sky!

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