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Lets Play A Game - Liebster Awards

I was nominated by the awesome and beautiful Esther of BiteIntoBooks (Thank you so much!) I'm so excited! Can't wait to get this shindig started! YYEEEEEHOOOO!!!
Also: If you didn't know; The Liebster Awards is a way for bloggers to discover other blogs and nominate blogs that have under 200 readers.

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 questions to answer on their post.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

1. What's your favorite genre to read and why?
Young Adult hands down. It is rare I ever read anything outside of YA. the why is simple. In every adult book you read, what is something that is abundant and in 99.8% of the books? Sex and cussing. I can never help but to get annoyed and say "You CAN have a story line without the sex and over use of cussing."
Sure, SOME YA has it's "sexual tension" but at least your not reading full frontal where his tongue is flicking and ding-dong is ditching.

Other than that, YA is actually believable. Even reading about fae or werewolves. It's believable. For some reason, in adult book, those just make me roll my eyes. Then again, those "creatures" 10 times out of 10 are horn-dog sexual objects. -gag.

2. What's the best book you've read in 2017? (You can only pick one!)
My brain just imploded. One? *falls to knees dramatically with my fists in the air* Whyyyy?!?!?!?
Yeah, no. Haha It's definitely Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.
This year has been really tough for me with books, I haven't given many books above 3 stars this year but I was in a reading slump when I picked up Everything Everything and thought "Eh, might as well see what the big deal is about this thing." I was hooked from page one. I wanted to reread it as soon as I finished it, that is how awesome it was. You can read my review HERE.

3. Is there a writer that totally blew you away with a book? Who is it?
This is a tougher question than best book. Lol When you say "blew away" do you mean in a good way or a bad way? Because if it's bad way -get your pitchforks and hate ready- I would have to say without a doubt John Green. Shocking right? Especially if you know me and know how much I loved TFIOS. But the thing is, I read that book - Abundance of Katherine's or something like that, and I barely made a dent before labeling it DNF from how horrible it was. Not just the story line but the characters. You can read my review HERE.
But if you want to know who blew me away in a good way... I have no answer. There are so many great authors out there who's name deserves to be on this list. But I will tell you what, instead of listing some popular authors, I'll list some Indie/Self publishing/New authors and you can see if you want to check them out.
Olivia Wildenstein
Quinn Loftis
Pembroke Sinclair

There are honestly a lot more I could post but I would be here all day doing that. Lol

4. What's your opinion on e-readers? Some people prefer physical books and some people love their e-reader, what do you think?
I love E-readers. when they first came out I was against them. I was one of the many "real books have pages!" stuff. Lol but I think eventually any true avid reader will break down and get a e-reader. Because we can't handle or fathom the thought of not having a book with us. Pretty sure most of us will say "bury me with this book... and that book.... aaand that book. Don't forget that book as well. Bury me with all my books. Library. You know what... just bury me under the library or scatter my ashes in there very morbidly" hahahah you get what I mean. XD

Don't get me wrong, I love physical books. I would prefer them over the e-book if I can afford it. But I think it is good to mix it up. Read some of each so you don't burn out so fast.

5. Is there a genre that you don't enjoy and why?
*see answer to number one*  Other than just plain adult, I'm honestly not big on Science Fiction, Non-Fiction, or Contemporary. Though, from time to time I will read contemporary. Doesn't mean it gets good ratings from me. Unless it is awesome like Everything Everything. Lol

6. What is the most positive experience for you because of being a Bookblogger?
The most positive thing would be all the great authors and fellow book lovers I have met. Sure there have been some bad seeds, but in the long run it is worth it. So to those who are new to the book-blogging game - don't give up. Times will get REALLY hard. You WILL question why you bother doing it. But try not to let it get you down. Do it for you and your fellow book lovers. :)

7. Do you have bookshelves? How do you organize them? *insert picture*
You WOULD ask for a picture of my bookshelves when my room is destroyed. Lol
I have 3 bookshelves that are all different sizes. Lol I tend to arrange mine tallest to smallest on each shelf. But I also try to keep all my series together. I put my most favorite books on the top self, and my least favorite on the very bottom. so it's tall to short, most favorite to least favorite. Least that is how I use to have it. Now they are all on the floor stacked in sizes against the wall. Hardback with Hardback and paperback with paperback. Lol Not sure how I will arrange them this time. But I will try to get a picture when I finish.....347,239,495,148 years from now. <_< >_>  When I'm not *cough-lazy-cough*

8. Paperback or Hardcover?
Both but if I could afford it, I would always get hardback. They are always tougher unlike a paperback where if you look at it wrong, the covers curl and the spine cracks. Lol

9. Would you one day want to write a book? Why or why not?
I would love to write a book someday. I actually have one started but can honestly never get past page one. Though right now, the reason I have stopped is because my laptop fried. I lost all my work and don't really want to work on it again until I am able to get a new one.
It's amazing how much you can get let go when you are writing a book. You can have so much stress on you but when you write, it's like it all melts away. Weird, but true.

10. What's your favorite book character of all times?
Katniss-freaking-Everdeen. I know a lot of people hate her and I honestly do not know why! She is so badass! Excuse my french but she is! There is no other way to describe her. I would give just about anything to be like her. She is so brave and strong. Lets be real here. If the world did go to crap, as it is already. If we were dropped in her situation - we would probably starve to death....or worse. But she adapted ya know. I mean yeah - she was born into it, she wasn't dropped into it. But she went out and made things happen. She fed and protected her family. I could go on and on about it but given if you READ the books, not just watched the movies, you'd know why she's so awesome.

11. If you could visit a world from a book, where would you go?
There are so many worlds I would love to go. Including the library in Beast's castle. And I would love to hang out with Maleficent. Lol But really... I would love to go to Hogwarts. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would say the same. But I mean.. who wouldn't want to go? The wizard world has a place for everyone. Everyone has friends there. No matter how rich and mean you are or how sweet and poor you are... you have a place with friends. I don't know. Their world just seems better than ours. Lol

Morrighan: Elysian Fields Book Reviews
Kat: Livin The Fandom Life
Angelena: Stars and Sonder
Kristie: Bookwormkristie
*I honestly don't know 11 full blogs right now because most of the others I would have tagged are MIA; so if you see this, feel free to nominate yourself!*
To those I have nominated, lets play a game. 
Below there are 11 questions. the device at your fingertips will help you answer these questions. You have a choice. Answer the 11 question and tag others to keep this award going.... or.... ignore this award and watch it die. Which will you choose? Choose wisely..... Let the games begin.

1. What are your thoughts on people ripping/tearing/burning/painting book pages to make "art"?

2. What would you do if one of your favorite authors posted or said something against something you stand for? Would you stop reading their books? Or would you continue to read but ignore them?

3. What are your thoughts on authors trying to write books with characters of a different sex and age? Are you for them? Or do you think they should stick to what they know in their own sex?

4. What is the best book to movie adaption you have ever seen? Why?

5. Think of the genre you can't stand. What is one book you would possibly be willing to read from it and why?

6. What is your take on Mental Illness in books? What is one book that portrayed Mental Illness correctly in your point of view? Which did not?

7. Do you judge a book by it's cover? If so, what is a ugly cover that turned out to be a amazing book? What is one that had a beautiful cover that had a horrible story?

8. Insta-loves. What are your thoughts on them? If you are against them, what is at least one occasion you didn't mind reading about it?

9. What series do you wish would never end? If it already has, would you change the ending? Why?

10. What is your number one book pet peeve?

11. What would you want to tell new bloggers that you wish you knew when you started?


  1. This was great to read, thank you so much!!

    Lol, I was in the Library this weekend, cuz there was a book-sale and I saw the KATHERINE book! Had to think about you right away, lolzz

    1. Lol I saw it at my local library as well. I may or may not have hidden it behind other books. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lmbo!!


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