Monday, March 6, 2017

Wednesday by Steven Evans


Title: Wednesday
Author: Steven Evans
Genre: Young Adult/Middle Grade
My Rating: 1/5

Among the young scholars on the first day of seventh grade, Lakshmi Pardeshi — better known as Lash — befriends a fascinating girl named Wednesday, who claims she can control people with her mind. Impressed by Wednesday’s bold demeanor and sharp wit, Lash enlists Wednesday to help with an unpopular friend’s bid for class president amid unstoppable competition. With each passing day, Lash witnesses Wednesday’s manipulation go from innocent pranks to admirable ways of skirting discipline to much darker deeds.

My Thoughts
★ Stars
I revived this book via LT book giveaway.
DNF at 50%

I may or may not come back to this book. Every time I tried to read it, I literally fell asleep. Everything fell flat. There was no character building or any kind of building for that matter. It was just plain monotone.

If the book through the first 50% managed to do anything other than make me sleep, it was annoy the heck out of me.
I am sorry but 12 year old kids do not talk like this. Unless they are somehow a mini Sheldon Cooper

But I doubt it. So while they are running going on about that, apparently the adults are just stupid and let the kids do whatever.

Let me take a second here to say something about the teacher Ms. Jablinske ... She freaked me out to the point I feel like a red danger sign should be posted on her forehead. She offered way way way way to much PERSONAL information. You are not there to teach them about your life. You are there to teach them math, language, ect. They do not need to know you are 20 something and never married with zero kids. It is a classroom. Not a dating profile. They are 12, you pedo.

Wednesday is suppose to have some kind of mind control thing from what I can tell so far but honestly it just seems like a load of hogwash to me. Lash swears up and down that Weds has control to make people do things but all I have seen her do is talk her way out of trouble. So to me, no mind control.... just a skilled con-artist.

I wanted to like this book. No. Correction, I wanted to LOVE this book. The blurb sounded SO amazing. But sadly, It wasn't. From start to me having to stop at 50% all I wanted to do was sleep and beg them to just stop.

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