Tuesday, July 5, 2016

(Personal Post) RIP Nick

People keep asking me how I am doing... and for once, I am telling the truth. Im not okay and I dont think I will every be okay. This is hitting me just as hard as when I lost my mama. I lost touch with my cousin but we were still close.

I keep trying to make sense of all this, and I honestly cant. I cant stop asking why....Why him?

I cant help but to wonder if great musicains are cursed because it seems like all the great ones are taken from us way to early.

I miss Nick so much. He was my cousin and friend. I remember us and his brother playing in a dirt pile behind my aunts house. I remember us running through her garden as well where her corn stalks were..... Boooooooy, we got in trouble for that because we broke some of her stalks.
I remember our childhood swing that we all took turns on.
I remember my first time hunting with them..... I will never forget it.
It was horrible yet hilarious. From a sticker wacking me in the cheek and me screaming "Its in my eye!!" (managing to scare off everything to hunt) from wild horses cornering us and my aunt being scared out of her wits but me, Nick, and Jake just laughed. We bout died laughing when she picked up a big stick and started going "YA! YA! YA!" and the horses just looking at her like "is she serious?"
There are so many memries and not enough space on here to share them all.

He was such a amazing person though, Funny and wise.... man, was he wise. He was a old soul and smart as a whip.

Nick, we all love you and we will miss you dearly. Please hug my mama and Aunt S for me, will ya?

Nick is on the right.

On that note, author friends who are needing reviews from me, I am sorry, but they may take longer than the deadline. I need a break for a few days.....

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