Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Newbie (Kyrie Carter Paranormal Mysteries #1) by Leta P. Hawk


Kyrie Carter can’t believe her luck when she wins a spot on a paranormal investigation with celebrity ghost hunter Drac Petery and his heartthrob brother Gabe. As the investigation begins, her main obstacles are her unsupportive teammates and her lack of ghost hunting experience. Her biggest critic is the ruggedly handsome but enigmatic Spook Steele, who takes an instant and intense dislike to the newbie and seems determined to see her fail.
However, Kyr soon realizes that her flesh-and-blood rivals are the least of her worries. The investigation takes a dark turn when the team finds evidence of a decades-old murder mystery, and Kyr becomes the victim of the resident spirit’s violent attacks. The discovery of a family connection to the Berkeleys explains the spirit’s malevolence.
Will Kyr be able to help the Peterys unravel the mystery and put the Berkeley mansion spirits to rest, or will she become another victim of the house’s tragic history? And will she be able to sort out her romantic feelings for the off-limits Gabe and her growing but unwelcome attraction to Spook Steele?

My Thoughts
★★★★ Stars
I received this book in return for an honest review.
I found this story interesting. I have to admit, it's not often I come across a ghost/paranormal book that keeps me on my toes. The Newbie is like any other story really.... it's a old haunted house. Common right? It is, but I have to say, there is something about the way Leta Hawk wrote it that left me wanting more and wondering what will happen next. I enjoyed all the characters EXCEPT the main character. She was way to whiny and cried way to much. It kinda annoyed me that she wanted to be big and bad but the second something made a noise she turned into a blubbering mess, needing a guy to carry her out of the house. What I do like is that nothing stopped her. Even though the guys gave her hell and she WAS a cry baby (and she knew this) she didn't let it stop her from going back and trying to solve the mystery. The ending was okay... but I really expected more from it. Especially the big finale... it just left me going "what... that's it?! What a rip off!" Though it does leave me curious about what will happen in book two. Hopefully the big showdown will be awesome. Lol

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