Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Alpha Bet by Stephanie Hale

Some teenagers use drugs or sex to escape overbearing parents. I used books. All my life my mother has been hovering over me, afraid to let me experience ANYTHING. So I got really good grades, graduated from high school when I was sixteen, and escaped to a new life—my own life—at college. To jump-start my social life, I decided to rush the Alphas, the most exclusive sorority on campus. Things started to get complicated when I told one little white lie. (Okay, maybe not so little.) Then one of the sisters invoked the Alpha Bet, a super-secret set of alphabetical tasks we pledges have to complete to prove our loyalty. Now, the Alpha Bet has taken over my life. Can you spell B-E-T-R-A-Y-A-L? "Reminiscent of Meg Cabot and Kieran Scott, Hale sets a perfect tone—overtly bubbly with glimpses of Grace Kelly’s obvious intelligence—for her gawky, brainy wallflower with a delightful personality."

My Thoughts
★★★★ Stars
I have to admit, seeing how girly this book is and when I first started it, I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. It's a really good inspiring books that shows you that no matter how different you are, there are people that will accept you.
The whole Charlie relationship really freaked me put though until I got to the end and found out the truth. 
It really kept my attention as well. It was at a pretty good pace, though there were a few times it lost me .... Not even really sure why.

I'm glad things worked out in the end. I just hated how she treated her mama. 
The whole sending the little brother photos of her roommate really grossed me out though. That was uncalled for. Typical male there but still, he's a freaking kid.

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