Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Overnight by R.L. Stine


"Nothing bad will happen," Della O'Connor assures her friends in the Outdoors Club. So what if their adviser can't go on the overnight to Fear Island—won't it be more fun with no adults around?
But it's no fun at all when Della gets lost in the woods, and the dangerous stranger appears, whispering threats, driving her to a violent act.
Suddenly all of her friends are involved, prisoners in a conspiracy of silence, trying to conceal the terrible truth. But someone saw what Della did. And he's threatening them all, forcing them back to Fear Island to find the evidence they forgot to bury...

My Thoughts
★★★★ Stars
Man... R.L. Stine is awesome. I love all his books that I have read so far. There just seemed to be something lacking in this story. It didn't seem to grip me like all the rest do. While the story line was still interesting and the characters differences came together perfectly, I just feel like there could have been more to the story to make it more scary I suppose... Or, I'm just possible use to just his ghost-y stories and am spoiled with those. Lol

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