Friday, May 15, 2015

Time of Death: Asylum (Time of Death #2) by Shana Festa


Surviving the journey is just the beginning. 
The last two months have brought nothing but death and destruction for Emma Rossi. She survived the initial zombie outbreak with her husband, Jake, and their dog, Daphne, but the cost was steep: Sanibel has fallen.
In a world where the only constant is change, the group is pushed to their limits before reaching the gates of Asylum, a coastal stronghold in Sarasota, Florida. 
Once again, Emma must navigate an apocalyptic wasteland filled with relentless hordes of the undead and other menacing horrors that threaten her survival. 
Only thing is certain. No one is safe from what lurks on either side of Asylum's gates. Asylum may offer more than just safety. Sanity will be tested; and many won't live to tell the tale.

My Thoughts
★★★★★+ Heart Ripping Undead Stars.
I received this book in return for an honest review.
*runs fangirling all around the house-and regrets nothing!*
Asylum alone just sounds creepy to me, so of course before I even started reading it, I was on the verge of panic. Hey, zombies I can take... Asylums? ... not so much. *shudders*
Anywho. love that it picks up from where past one leaves off and even does a bit of a recap for those who had to wait for this second book to come out. Everything is so different and so much more intense in this book. I can't tell you how many times I had a "I can't breathe! I forgot how to breathe! It hurts to even try! How do I breathe!?!" moments.
The one this I could truly rely on was the humor.

I want to take this moment to really thank Shana because her books and humor got me through these dark times I've been going through. When I thought I hit bottom, I would just pick this book up and laugh my ass off. I think any time I'm starting to feel sad or depressed I'll just reread these books.
(Thank you so much Shana! You're the best!)

From book one I always thought Jake was a okay guy really. but after what happens to his brother, he just goes off the deep end and treats Emma like crap... like so much crap my jaw dropped and I was "catching flies" as we say round here.
You ain't the only one hurting, buddy! I'm hurting too!
...for a whole nother reason though.
ooo Vinny *fans self*
Aaaaand then Shana has a John Green moment
*Sobs hysterically*
My heart just kinda feels like it's shattered into a bazillion pieces and I'm just like
And so on, main thing here really though is Emma needs to whoop Jake's ass because there is only so much any one can take and I think he crossed everyone's line. What a freakin douche. Hell, I know Meg is hurt and not even she is acting like a jerk. I really miss the happy go lucky Meg though... I hope she can find true happiness and not have it ripped away. She seems like such a good person, she really deserves it. I really hate 99.7% of the people in Asylum already. smfh. Stinkin high-fallootin folks need to shut up. Now I have to wait for book three and I just want to curl into a ball and cry my eyes out. I want to know what happens! I have to know!! I mean really. What will happen to everyone? and what is Striker's story? Will he ever come out of his shell? Will he join Emma and Jake's team? Will the Asylum fall? Good gah! There are to many questions I need answered! I'm going to go insane.

I fully recommend this book, just make sure everyone is awake when you read it because your fangirl moments would probably wake the whole household.

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